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RPGDot also saw Star Wolves

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RPGDot also saw Star Wolves

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 30 August 2003, 02:05:35

Tags: Star Wolves; Xbow Software

And another what we saw in Leipzig article, RPGDot also takes a look at Star Wolves, which appears to be a space trading CRPG. Here's their take:

First Impression
Graphically impressive spacer game which will appeal to players who liked either Homeworld or Freelancer, or both. Are the Star Wolves able to keep up with Homeworld 2? We?ll see.​

Okay, I'm really fuzzy on this impression. I definitely don't get the Freelancer-meets-Homeworld thing from reading this. Maybe Freelancer with joinable factions and hireling NPCs.

Thanks for this also, Myrthos!

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