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GameSpot also does ToEE

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GameSpot also does ToEE

Review - posted by Spazmo on Tue 23 September 2003, 03:41:25

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

Gamespot PC put up their review of ToEE today. They gave it a score of 7.9 out of 10, noting that although the combat is very deep and extremely well done and the game's graphics are quite excellent, a number of flaws such as a sometimes cumbersome interface keep the game from being truly excellent. The reviewer also mentions that the D&D ruleset can be somewhat daunting, prompting me to tell him to RTFM. Anyways, the reviewer highlights one of the game's particular strengths here:

Too bad about that, because The Temple of Elemental Evil otherwise looks really great. Using a combination of fully 3D, texture-mapped character models and richly detailed prerendered background art, the game's look really comes alive and makes this one of the most visually impressive computerized Dungeons & Dragons experiences to date. The various monsters in the game feature most all the D&D classics like goblins, gnolls, bugbears, trolls, gelatinous cubes, hill giants, lizardmen, and more, as well as some more-esoteric critters like giant crayfish, giant toads, and others. These are faithfully based on the source fiction, yet they have real character and personality in their lifelike, highly articulated movements. Simply put, the character graphics in The Temple of Elemental Evil really help the game's cause. Even your own party of adventurers looks great, thanks to their realistically rippling capes and robes. Some generous spurts of blood and some impressive spell effects further add to the game's sharp look, though all this can be resource-intensive for slower systems. You'll notice how the game's larger battles noticeably impact your system's ability to render everything that's going on, and you may need to tone down some graphical options to get the game running smoothly.

Those cloaks are really, really nice folks. There's no way BioWare can compete with cloaks this utterly beautiful.

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