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RPGVault just won't stop peeking at Restricted Area

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RPGVault just won't stop peeking at Restricted Area

Development Info - posted by Spazmo on Tue 30 September 2003, 23:30:46

Tags: Master Creating; Restricted Area

RPG Vault are back again with Peek of the Week #12 on master creating's Restricted Area. This one discusses the models for creatures in the game.

Modeling of the figure was done using a combination of Nurbs and polygon tools then refined with varying degrees of surface subdivision. One very nice change of pace with this figure was that, since it would be used in pre-rendered sprites, I was given a great deal of freedom with the polygon count. This gave me the opportunity to really work out a lot of physical details that a real-time 3D game just can't handle, as well as the chance to execute the figure's texturing using procedural shaders rather than typical image maps. Even though I opted to use shaders for texturing, I still made sure that the figure has well thought out UV coordinates to allow for the option of painting texture maps later to add more variety to the possible looks of the creature.​

So, yeah, the game has got monsters in 3D and stuff.

And don't forget to attend our dev chat with Jan Beuck and Co. tonight at 8 PM EST in #rpgcodex on irc.gamesnet.net.

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