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ToEE gently fondled by

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ToEE gently fondled by

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 2 October 2003, 13:54:14

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil serves up their review of Temple of Elemental Evil. The reviewer seems to have loved it, and even compares it to Fallout on a number of occations. Here's a clip:

It doesn't set new standards for character interaction, but it does at least meet those standards, unsurprisingly, since these are the same people who set the standards. You will be able to make effective use of Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, and the other interaction-based skills. And with 5 characters you make, 3 more character slots for NPCs that can join your group, creatures you can charm, summon, and animate, you can create whatever kind of group you want. Did I mention that when you charm something (which lasts for hours), they stay with you even when you move from map to map? Wandering the halls of the Temple with an ettin, a werewolf, and a troll chieftain as your vanguard is a pretty cool experience.

I was really impressed with the way Charm Person worked in this game. I kept a pirate from a random encounter around with me for several trips to the temple. Of course, it'd wear off and I'd have to recharm him.. But still!

Thanks, Role-Player!

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