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ToEE pimped by GamePlanet

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ToEE pimped by GamePlanet

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 18 October 2003, 03:01:50

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

GamePlanet serves up a positive review of Temple of Elemental Evil, giving it 4/5 fisty things. They give props to the combat, dungeons, alignment stuff, and so on, while saying it might be a difficult game for newbies to learn. Here's a snip:

Once you start adventuring proper some of the features and short falls of the game become apparent. In the first instance there is the character interface. This is bought up by left clicking on the character to select them and then right clicking to pull up a wheel overlay for some basic functions which drill down further more options by creating a further layer of spokes in the wheel. At first this can be a bit awkward to get the hang of and in the heat of battle you can sometimes find yourself selecting the wrong options. The amount available can be bewildering as well. With the desire to stay true to the original game rules players can not only attack, there is also faint, blocking and tripping options to name but a few. The amount of options also means that the wheel gets so big that you can?t see all of it on screen without readjusting the viewing area.

Or you can hold right click on the wheel and drag it. I still prefer words to icons I have to learn what they mean for what I want to do during my turn.

Spotted this on the Atari forums.

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