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Blade and Sword previewed at GameSpot

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Blade and Sword previewed at GameSpot

Preview - posted by Spazmo on Sat 18 October 2003, 04:25:07

Tags: Blade and Sword; Whiptail Interactive

Gamespot PC have previewed the ancient China-themed action RPG Blade and Sword.

At its core, the gameplay seems similar to most action RPGs. You click the left mouse button to attack, and you'll need to manage potions that replenish your health and your chi, which is used to power your special attacks and abilities. The right mouse button can be used to toss special throwing weapons such as knives or rocks, and it can also be mapped to your special abilities. Since the focus of Blade and Sword is meant to be kung fu, the attacks you do will naturally string together into combos. Mix in some kicks with your regular attacks, and you can lengthen your combos and get in more hits before your enemies are knocked to the ground. As you attack into crowds, each attack will automatically strike every enemy in an arc in front of you, allowing you to take on crowds with ease.​

Well, heck, if the Chinese can get into space, maybe they can make a decent action RPG.

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