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Riftrunner Q&A at Player of Games

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Riftrunner Q&A at Player of Games

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 22 October 2003, 01:51:13

Tags: Beyond Divinity; Larian Studios

Player of Games has posted an interview with one of the folks at Larian about their upcoming title, Riftrunner. Here's just one of the eight questions:

5. Since this isn't Divine Divinity 2, why bother creating what would appear to be just an expansion to your classic RPG?

We started developing Riftrunner first, rather than Divinity 2, because of multiple reasons. The main one being that we felt the Divinity engine had another game in it, a game that would address the things we were not happy with in Divinity 1 and which would incorporate a number of requests from the fans. Given the feedback we get on a daily basis, it is clear that fans want another Divinity game, and it is also clear that they want it now, not next year. With Divinity 2 still some time away, the choice to make a new game based on the Divinity engine therefore made perfect sense.​

Not to mention that it doesn't even appear to be an expansion. It's just set in the same setting with tweaked version of the engine, but it is it's own game. Is that really that hard to grasp?

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