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GameSpot thinks Paradise Cracked is ass

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GameSpot thinks Paradise Cracked is ass

Review - posted by Spazmo on Sat 25 October 2003, 02:37:21

Tags: Paradise Cracked

Gamespot PC have reviewed Paradise Cracked, the sassy little cyberpunk RPG. They really hated it, giving it a disappointing 4.0 out of 10.

Combat can be interesting at times, and there certainly is plenty of it, with lots of realistically modeled weapons. Most maps force you to shoot your way to one objective after another. But the artificial intelligence is extremely poor. Get into a firefight alongside allies, and you'll frequently be shot in the back by your pals. You can forge relationships with criminal syndicates and other organizations in Paradise Cracked, although it seems like everything gets tossed out the window when the bullets start flying. And while friends shoot you for kicks, enemies often ignore you. Fire at foes involved in a battle with someone else, and they usually won't spare you a second glance, even if you're blazing away at them from point-blank range.​

That's not bad AI. It's an homage to Fallout!

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