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Wierd War Q&A at HomeLAN Fed

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Wierd War Q&A at HomeLAN Fed

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sun 26 October 2003, 02:29:55

Tags: Mirage Interactive; Weird Wars: The Unknown Episode of World War II

There's an interview over at HomeLAN Fed which talks with Pawel Kalinowski about Wierd War, which is a quasi-World War II type setting. Here's a sample:

HomeLAN - What can you tell us about the playable characters in the game?

Pawel Kalinowski
- Your team may consist up to five members. The most distinctive one is Camel Leon who is able to carry large loads of equipment with him. He also kicks, spits and heals wounds of other heroes by licking them, just like a regular camel. The main hero is a Norwegian adventurer raised in Brasil - an explosive mixture it is. His faithful companion Johann is a Wehrmacht deserter known for his wanderlust and spirituous beverage expertise. M'Bele - an African Native saved by you from hands (and stomachs) of a cannibal tribe - is an interesting guy because he declines to wear anything but his straw skirt and various amulets.​

Who wouldn't want a camel in his party?

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