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Seal of Evil Preview Exclusive

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Seal of Evil Preview Exclusive

Preview - posted by Exitium on Mon 27 October 2003, 14:43:45

Tags: Object Software; Seal of Evil

We're proud to announce our exclusive preview of Seal of Evil which covers the history, story and features of the title. Seal of Evil is Object Software's prequel to their award winning Chinese-themed RPG, Prince of Qin. We should expect the game to be released some time in December, so here's a taste of what you can expect in the game. Read on!

The story is set in the last few years of the Warring States period in ancient China more than 2,200 years ago, i.e. about 15 years before Prince of Qin. At that time, Qin gradually became the most powerful state in China and began making an overall plan to conquer the other six states. Meanwhile, Qin troops kept attacking the Baiyue people living in the southwest of China. As a result of these repeated invasions the whole race of West Baiyue led by Yan Bo was annihilated. The people of East Baiyue, under the leadership of Lan Xiong, then fought a desperate war against the Qin army.​

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