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ToEE smack down at Gaming Illustrated

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ToEE smack down at Gaming Illustrated

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Tue 4 November 2003, 02:26:28

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

Gaming Illustrated has done up their review of Temple of Elemental Evil, giving it a 62% and a Dead Fish rating, mainly for bugs. Here's the conclusion:

This open-ended morality and skill system gives TOEE a real story based on the stats, something which would have makes it a highly replayable game. The designers even went so far encourage *re*playing the game with a dimwit party spokesman for an amusing change. It?s almost assured that when the promised patch comes around, I?ll be popping TOEE back into the CD drive and continuing the adventure. In the meantime, the bugs make TOEE a real disappointment with a silver lining of a good translation of D&D rules and adventure.

Kind of makes you wonder how well this game would have been recieved if they'd had more time to work out the bugs instead of having to work out the evil stuff like hookers.

Spotted this at Blue's News

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