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The Fall Q&A at No Mutants Allowed

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The Fall Q&A at No Mutants Allowed

Interview - posted by Spazmo on Sun 14 December 2003, 17:12:10

Tags: Fall: Last Days of Gaia; Silver Style

No Mutants Allowed have put up an interview with Carsten Strehse of Silver Style about their upcoming post-apocalyptic CRPG, The Fall.

We are using a special menu which we call “Battle Bar”. It includes all controls for Auto-Pause, Auto-Behaviour, the most important camera controls for combat and a controller for the speed of the battles.

The Auto-Pause offers the player 15 different events, where the fight can be paused automatically (some examples: “Enemy spotted”, “Char has only 25 % healthpoints left”, “No ammo for the equipped weapon” etc.). One of the Auto-Pauses is very interesting for the TB fans, since it pauses the combat after each battle-round. Every time all PCs and foes had one action, the combat gets paused and you can plan the tactic for the next round. During the pause you can change weapons, armors or prepare for using items.​

Sorry, pal, the "auto-pause = turn based!" argument didn't work for BioWare and it sure as hell won't work for you.

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