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Trinity interview @ EDBIS

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Trinity interview @ EDBIS

Interview - posted by Ausir on Sat 20 December 2003, 19:34:44

Tags: Forlorn World; Ground Zero

<a target=_blank href=http://www.edbis.com>EDBIS[/url] has interviewed the Ground Zero team, makers of an indie cRPG <a target=_blank href=http://www.trinity.glt.pl>Trinity[/url], set in nuclear winter Poland.

  • [EDBIS] What exactly is the story behind Trinity? How large is the game and what part of the world does it centralize itself at?

    [Ground Zero] The story is kind of a classic: in the year 2002 one of the greater
    countries fired a handful of rockets, which could carry nuclear weapons. Later, the self-defense procedures recommended counter-strike.A standard apocalyptic scheme. The truth about war was made classified, except one small detail: your parents had their own part in the beginning of war...

    The size of the world hasn't been settled yet. The technical solution has to ensure the possibility of creating of freely large world, depending on gatherings of places - locations (solid and "drifting") and the areas among them, generated only on the player's wish. The world will be surely placed in the best place being useful for such an actions, and that's - Central Europe, and more exactly on area of Poland and her borders.

    One of the most interesting ideas is to give the player the opportunity to choose the

    places where the bombs should fall. It will allow you to create a unique world every time you start a new game.

The part about dropping the bombs yourself sounds pretty neat... You can read the rest of the interview <a target=_blank href=http://www.edbis.com/interviews/ground_zero_trinity_wonder.php>here[/url].

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