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Weekly Trinity update

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Weekly Trinity update

Development Info - posted by Ausir on Mon 29 December 2003, 20:30:07

Tags: Forlorn World; Ground Zero

The Ground Zero Team have posted another <a target=_blank href=http://www.trinity.glt.pl>Trinity[/url] status update:

  • Done:

    - another sketch "screenshot"
    - another NPC sketch ("lubie pierogi")
    - sketch - changed upper interface

    - replenished work plan over the code (list "15")

    SaW - Script and World
    - document describing shelters (first version)
    - materials about the population in a specific location (for SickBastard)
    - description of - how could the life look like after 15 years living in a shelter
    - description of the "locked cities", a legend

    - adding new, sure people to the Trinity mailing list [Eltoro, SickBastard, Tomasz_CK].

    To do:

    - lacking files for "MP7, Steyr AMR, AAAV"
    - plotting a bottom interface with some example buttons or information on the existing "screen"
    - sketch of "locked city", seen from far distance (details in the last document about the world)
    - sketches of two homemade weapons
    - sketches variations for two positions chosen from the "TODO Obiekty" list

    - graphics engine
    - interface
    - objects, actions, dialogues
    - "Breaking" of proper point from "15"

    - foundations

    - script (or something else on www) for graphic artists needs

    Rp system
    - work resumption

    - finished climate description + yearly statistics
    - climate, support for Kaczor and Piotr
    - objects list and actions list
    - opinion about the "Q10" system - does it fulfil Trinity's foundations and requirements
    - corrections in the document about the world: cannibalism, slavey, feudalism, shelters.
    - english version of the website
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