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The Fall (Not Fallout) Unofficial FAQ at NMA

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The Fall (Not Fallout) Unofficial FAQ at NMA

Game News - posted by Exitium on Tue 30 December 2003, 17:28:34

Tags: Fall: Last Days of Gaia; Silver Style

Odin at No Mutants Allowed has posted an unofficial FAQ of Silver Style's post-apocalyptic themed spacebar-and-click RPG, The Fall. Here's a snippet from the game that hopes to fill the void left by the wake of Van Buren's (ahem: Fallout 3) cancellation:

Question: Is TF linear or non-linear?
Answer: TF is a completely non-linear game. Carsten has repeatedly stated that the game will have a completely non-linear storyline, meaning that the player can explore the world in any way he or she chooses. Carsten has also stated that their will be a map that allows for a player to move to any location he chooses(much like the map in FO). There will be many subquests that the player may or may not do, many NPC's to interact with...everything that you have come to expect of a CRPG.​
I have come to expect turn-based gameplay from a good CRPG, something which Silver Style's The Fall may not turn out to be. As with all new RPGs that don't tick us off in ways that tick us off (e.g. being console-ported would tick us off), we can only hope that it turns out to be good.

I don't think that juxtapositions with the Fallout series should be made in such a prostituting manner, however. That's just not a good way to win me over.

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