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Geneforge 2 almost wins

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Geneforge 2 almost wins

Editorial - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 31 December 2003, 10:23:19

Tags: Geneforge 2; Spiderweb Software

Game Tunnel offers up their 2003 Games Awards Thingy, and Geneforge 2 earns 2nd Place in the Strategy Game/Sports Game/Sim Game/RPG Field. Of course, it's kind of odd they have a field with four genres when they have a field devoted strictly to Akranoid clones, but that's another matter. Shockingly, NecroTech got 5th Place in this category, which I think means they only had five games for that large field there. But here's the bit that's important:

Don't let the graphics fool you! As many people have already found out, Spiderweb Software is the maker of some of the best RPG games on the market today.

Geneforge 2 was the offering for 2003, and it has continued to build on the Spiderweb Software tradition of great old-school feeling RPG games. Those who long for the days of Ultima need not search very far to find a modern-day series of games that has every bit the cult following that the Ultima series had. The reason why a game with "lesser" graphics would gather such a following? Great storyline and great game play. If you are still doubting, download Geneforge 2 now and catch what has been missing in your life all these years.

Yeah, I just bashed an indie game in this post. There's something about games that blantantly and obviously use Poser for their people graphics that just pisses me off.

Congrats to Jeff Vogel though!

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