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VideoGamesLife complains about TOEE

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VideoGamesLife complains about TOEE

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Thu 1 January 2004, 18:26:18

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

VideoGames Life posted a review of ToEE and gave it 57%. The funny thing is they gave it 84 for graphics, 72 for sound, 68 for gameplay, and 65 for lifespan. Now, watch me applying my mad math skillz, so we have 84+72+68+65=289/4=72.25 instead of 57 overall. Mystary!

The real problem with TOEE is the multitude of bugs that currently festoon the product. Several side-quests are broken, returning after triumphantly slaying that troublesome beast or recovering that precious artefact only to be greeted by complete apathy because the coding hasn't been correctly implemented is hugely irritating. Path-finding by your team is a joke – they wander off aimlessly for no apparent reason when directed to a specific area with no obstacles in their path, thus sometimes activating a combat scenario against a group of foes you would've rather avoided. When resting, it's clearly stated that when the relevant button on the interface is green, the art of sleeping and remembering those much needed offensive spells is achieved with no chance of being disturbed. So why were we being constantly attacked in these green sectors? As for the enemies themselves, they may look good but some have a bizarre need to meld with a wall in a hugely frustrating manner. Those of you who remember the initial release of Fallout 2 may also concede that these problems are again, nothing to be surprised about given the track record of the developer.

Yep, Tim Cain really dropped the ball on FO2, but it wasn’t nearly as bad as his failure with Torn. I wasn’t really impressed with his work on PoR2 either.

Fucking morons!

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