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Dark Disciples churns up to version 2.0

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Dark Disciples churns up to version 2.0

Development Info - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 5 January 2004, 02:24:58

Tags: Dark Disciples

Dark Disciples has recently updated to version 2.0 of the freeware, open ended and nontraditional fantasy CRPG. Here's a partial list of the features for the game:

  • Hold conversations with numerous characters
  • All quests are logged for future reference
  • A complete 'world' map providing names of important sites and places
  • A 'Might & Magic VI' style inventory management system
  • Fully featured thief skills - pick locks, remove traps, hide in shadows etc
  • Mostly non-linear gameplay
  • Multiple solutions to many obstacles - a locked door can be smashed open, picked, or opened via a key or 'knock' spell.
  • An automap function maps all the levels for you.
  • Some cool Midi tunes.
  • Monster AI - not amazing but it will do a few interesting tricks - for example, some monsters can open doors, others can't.
Sounds pretty decent to me, and still being updated. Not bad.

Thanks, Mr. Teatime!

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