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UFO: Alien Invasion inquiries at Gamers with Jobs

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UFO: Alien Invasion inquiries at Gamers with Jobs

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 9 January 2004, 14:51:30

Tags: UFO: Alien Invasion

Gamers with Jobs has taken an interest in UFO: Alien Invasion as you can tell by this interview. It covers the basics of the turn based, tactical CRPG loosely based on X-Com. Here's a bit about the gameplay:

Q: Now for the gameplay: Alien Invasion is said to be "heavily inspired/influenced" by the X-COM series. Which gameplay elements of the classic can be found in UFO: Alien Invasion? Which did you leave out or change? Are there aspects that cannot be found in the original games (other than the multiplayer modes, of course)?

In my opinion, the most important element of the classic X-COM is its intense round-based combat. You'll find all of it in UFO: AI too. Every squad member has his own personality, his own look and you can even give them names. They also gain in experience and power over time. You also need to research alien technology in order to succeed in saving the world. However, we don't now exactly how and to what extent base management will be implemented. We're still discussing on that subject, because management shouldn't be too tedious.

A thing you won't see in UFO: AI is ship combat. Hunting UFOs isn't your job anymore. You've got plenty of other things to do.​
Yes, bring on the turn based alien killin'!

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