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Gamerz Edge praises ToEE

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Gamerz Edge praises ToEE

Review - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 10 January 2004, 17:11:48

Tags: Temple of Elemental Evil

Gamerz Edge posted this ToEE's review awhile ago, but since it's very positive I felt obligated to share this unbiased opinion with you. They gave it 8.4 overall, giving 8,7,9,8,10 for graphics, sound, fun, gameplay, and depth.

The gameplay of ToEE isn't like your normal RPG. While it has your common RPG elements of an eclectic mix of people in a party, gathering money and new items, and lots and lots of dialogue, the battle system is what separates it from the rest. This if of course classic D&D - while you won't be tumbling any dice, you will fight in a manner as if the game had come to life. When engaged in a battle a row of icons will appear on the screen designating the order in which the turns will take place. Each of your party members will be represented as well as any of the enemy scum you have to deal with. When it comes time for one of your characters, you will be presented with many different options. Each character has a time bar that allocates times to any given action. If you choose to move your character a few feet forward to get into better position for attack then the time meter will drop, and any other actions must be able to be performed in that length of time or your turn is essentially up. If your want your character to do anything other than simply waltzing around the battle field, all you have to do is click on your character and a series of menus will be displayed in a circular fashion. It is a radial menu system, so if you want to cast a spell, you find the right icon for casting a spell it then will branch of to a sub menu, and from there you pick which way you want to flambe the nearest zombie.

Gameplay is varied in this game so much that it is recommend that you play through it more than once, and I can see why. The characters you choose with their specific skills as well as the different alignments you can choose , from lawful good to chaotic evil, vastly change the path you will take in the game. Initially, my main character of focus was a three foot tall rogue halfing who could pick pocket anyone with a purse. However, I have feeling that if I create a band of barbarian half-orcs that my approach to the game would be much different.

It's actually sad that people refers to TB gameplay as "not your normal RPG". Of course it's also sad that they describe RPGs as "mix of people, gathering money and items, and lotsa dialogues". What a terrible time we live in :)

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