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Master Creating gets ripped off

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Master Creating gets ripped off

Development Info - posted by Spazmo on Mon 12 January 2004, 15:49:53

Tags: 4am Entertainment; Jan Beuck; Restricted Area

Master Creating, the good golks behind the upcoming Restricted Area, have recently terminated their publishing agreement with British publisher 4am Entertainment according to a press release sent to RPGDot.


Game Developer Master Creating announces today that they have cancelled their publishing agreement for RESTRICTED AREA with 4am Entertainment for a major breach of contract. Spokesman Jan Beuck: “4am didn’t pay the advance payment in time – this is a substantial and un-remedied breach. We are currently considering legal action.”

RESTRICTED AREA is an action-RPG set in the dark future and is already in the alpha phase. Master Creating, an independent game development studio based in Hamburg, Germany, is now seeking a new publisher.

Well, that sucks. To Jan Beuck and his team, we say good luck. To 4am Entertainment, we just quietly remind you of another company that had a tendency not to pay its third party developers. Interplay. So, 4am, unless you want to pull a couple Lionhearts and fail utterly, you'd better smarten up.
Spotted at: RPGDot

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