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NMA clears up FO3 storyline confusion

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NMA clears up FO3 storyline confusion

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 24 January 2004, 23:59:18

Tags: Fallout 3 (Van Buren)

NMA posted this clarification of the FO3 storyline. The source isn't mentioned though, so think what you will.

The player more or less gets "jumped" by a bunch of robots while minding his own buisness at the start of the game. When the player comes to, he is in a strange prison with many other people. Your not some unique magical guy that these robots were hunting. Your just some John Doe character who gets caught up in things. Your guy is just another unlucky bastard the robots picked up. You don't have amnesia, so no Planescapey thing there either, though obviously you were blacked out for a bit.

Now the player starts to work on his escape plan, and right before his plan is complete the prison is attacked. This is not a "Unknown force rushes in to miraculously save the PC" situation. You *already* had things in hand; it's just that these dudes
happened to inter! fere with *you*. Furthermore, the people attacking the prison don't specifically care about you. Unlike in Lionheart, you aren't on the run from powerful opponents and you don't necessarily need the help in escaping - it just so happens that someone else beat you to it.

Once the attack has occurred, the PC's free to leave or stay.The prison's mainframe will eventually self-repair and start sending out retrieval bots to go grab any prisoners who wandered off (including you), but it's not a life-or-death situation. The prisons still busted up, so you can get out again if they drag you back. The robots coming after you are there just to remind you that there is a main plot. Meaning, eventually you might want to go see if you can stop these robots from coming after you or find out why they are grabbing people in the first place. Its not like they keep coming after you all game, or even most of it. So I hope you can see how its not like Lionheart or PS:T.

Although the story has familiar elements, extra care was taken to make it feel different with lots of cool twists. After all, the venerable Fallout started out as a simple "Retrieve the one artifact that will save us all" quest, which has been done to death in just about every fantasy game out there.

Kharn commented: So the player is not "some special hero", nor is he being hunted by "evil forces" that are after him specifically, nor does he suffer from amnesia.​
No comments, I've filled my quota of pissed off people for today :)

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