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Exodus enquiries at GenGamers

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Exodus enquiries at GenGamers

Interview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Fri 30 January 2004, 13:53:43

Tags: Horns and Hoofs Studio; Konstantin Kapustin; Phase: Exodus

There's an interview with Konstantin Kapustin of Horns and Hoofs over at GenGamers. Here's about the only interesting one, unless you really care about whether or not the engine will work equally well on all video cards and other crapola like that:

Please tell us something about the story!

In 2014, the cataclysm at our planet takes place: the most part of the mankind dies with all what it had achieved for over 5, 000 years of its history.

The earth crust has moved relative to earth axis, and this has caused strong earthquakes, tremendous hurricanes, floods, convulsions of nature, eruptions, and as a result, the climate had changed.

The cataclysms led to destruction of all that humans had created: factories, power stations, laboratories… and the cities. They all were demolished, releasing poisons and radioactive elements in the atmosphere.

But, there still were the regions in different places of the Earth where people were able to survive. At the territory of Russia, some people were hidden in special complexes of autonomous life, and some were just lucky to survive.

The countries no longer exist. All limits were removed – each city and each human were responsible for themselves from now on. Most people went to the ruins of cities, where they started to develop their life. Mutes – the people who survived after the strong chemical and radioactive impact - were left behind the walls of the cities, and so did exiled people, tramps and Wanderers – those who have their private codex and travel around Taiga.

The most valuable things in the new world were food, weapons, fuel and different energy supplies. The cities were fighting with each other for the lands which in the past belonged to factories, institutes or officials.

The player will have to plunge into the atmosphere of post-collapse at the territory of Siberia, which has partly escaped the destruction which has happened in 2014 A.D.​

They're subliminally advertising us. We <3 Horns and Hoofs.

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