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Sacred prestuff at 1up

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Sacred prestuff at 1up

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Sat 31 January 2004, 15:00:38

Tags: Sacred

1up is peeking a bit of hype for Sacred with this preview, in which they like to use the term Diablo Killer in the form of a question. Here's a clip:

Dealing with Orcs, or anything else in dire need of a swift decapitation, implies knowing how to fight. Not only can we Rohirrim hopefuls mount independent horsies and slay beasts from the back of what we'll pretend is Snowmane, we'll also have to chain ranged, melee, and magical attacks into combos. These different combat arts, when combined via simplistic dragging and dropping, make the slaughter of evil AI characters or evil Internet kids that much more intuitive. Indeed, Sacred also features 16-player PVP action and four-player cooperative play, but no real details are yet being released. We do know that the game state can be saved and characters from the single player game can be exported to the multiplayer game, so basically we know little.​

And knowing is half the battle!

Spotted at: GenGamers

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