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Silent Storm review at

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Silent Storm review at

Review - posted by Spazmo on Sat 31 January 2004, 15:19:35

Tags: Nival Interactive; Silent Storm

BDGamer have got a review of Silent Storm, the snazzy new TB WWII tactical squad CRPG. They, much like everyone else, liked it quite a bit aside from the sound, giving Silent Storm a solid 8.6 out of 10.

But Silent Storm turned out to be an extremely pleasant surprise. As it turns out, SS is a turn based tactical combat in the vein of X-Com, Fallout and the Jagged Alliance series. Those of you who have played those games know what I’m talking about and how badly this genre needs a game – which SS more than satisfies.

Well, granted, compared to most CRPGs today, Fallout almost was a tactical game, but that's a bit extreme. The reviewer does express one sentiment I can't help but agree with, though:

"Oh God, not another WWII game!"

Spotted at: ShackNews

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