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Sacred hands on at GameZone

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Sacred hands on at GameZone

Preview - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Wed 4 February 2004, 11:54:34

Tags: Sacred

GameZone has gotten their mits on a beta version of Sacred, so they wrote up a preview based on this build. Here's a little sample of the thing:

For starters, Sacred contains over 30 quests to give you something to do at all times, and over 200 side quests to break storyline monotony and allow you to earn some gold and experience out on the side. These consist mostly of escort, delivery, find an item or person, or kill a monster style quests. The good news is that you have plenty to do, the even better news is that if you just don’t feel like doing quests at all you can just roam around the countryside taking out monsters, finding hidden portals and hiding places (which contain great loot, money, etc.), and just exploring a created world that really impressed me due to how unbelievably large it was. Also, this giant world that you get to explore on is about 75% accessible from the beginning, so even if you choose to just be a free spirit for a while you won’t have to worry about seeing everything in a day (or even a week for that matter).​

What's more interesting is there's a comparason between this game and Arcanum in the body of the text.

Spotted at: Blue's News

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