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Silent Storm local lovin

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Silent Storm local lovin

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 5 February 2004, 18:43:23

Tags: Nival Interactive; Silent Storm

It's here, our review of Silent Storm, that WW2 with a twist little dungeon crawler we all know and love. Here's a taste:

Another nice thing about Silent Storm is the AI. If an enemy hears you moving around or firing your weapon, they'll react to it and move to intercept. Anything that makes a noise that an enemy can hear will cause them to seek it out. Even friendly NPCs will seek out an unidentified noise. While this can work against you if you're the kick in the doors and shoot everything up kind of player, it does allow the more devious player an outlet for mayhem. Set a few mines in a corner and fire your pistol just around the corner. Stand back and wait. Of course, the downside would be that this can also attract civilians to their doom as well, since civilians seem to use the same curious AI making them sniff out any noises going on.

Civilians are fun to blow up though, they just get a little pissy about it.

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