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JA2 gets heaps of love at GameBoomers

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JA2 gets heaps of love at GameBoomers

Review - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 9 February 2004, 15:13:32

Tags: Jagged Alliance 2

GameBoomers proves it's never too late with their review of the classic Jagged Alliance 2. It scores a lofty 95% rating, even from a guy who calls himself Drizzt. Everybody loves it. Here's a clip:

As in all RPG’s, you naturally create your own character, but it is done in a different way here. It all starts out with you receiving an email from a company that run “personal tests”, and from there on (for a small fee), you create your own, personal made-character. At first, it looks normal, with determining portrait, soundset and distributing skill points, but after that, you have to go through 10-15 questions of how you would react in different situations. This affects your characters psychological state of mind. Seriously, can you see yourself being entirely calm during a firefight if you answered the question regarding the “You hear a burglar in your house. What do you do?” with the option “Pick out your guns from under your pillow, kick the door out of its hinges and go blasting downstairs while shouting ‘Come get some, tough guy!’”. Eh, can you?​

I'd forgotten that bit. I really need to get back in touch with this game.

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