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Geneforge 2 wins another prize

Geneforge 2 wins another prize

Game News - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Mon 9 February 2004, 15:28:19

Tags: Geneforge 2; Spiderweb Software

Do It Yourself Games has posted their 2003 RPG of the Year WINNARZ, and guess who won. Well, the title kind of spoiled it, but yeah, Geneforge 2 won. Here's the tribute:

Jeff Vogel and crew at Spiderweb Software have done it again, cornering the RPG market as we know it. With the release of Geneforge 2 a new chapter in classic Spiderweb Software RPGs begins, and it's sure to keep you involved for a long time to come. The open storyline, numerous endings, several distinct factions, and more gives the game much more replay value than even the biggest of the big name RPGs. Sure, the graphics fall well short of what even indie gamers have come to expect, but with a package as robust and enjoyable as Geneforge 2 it is easy to look past some blemishes on the armor.​
Congrats, Jeff!

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