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Ray and Greg chat with Firing Squad

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Ray and Greg chat with Firing Squad

Company News - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 27 February 2004, 14:01:21

Tags: BioWare

Somehow Firing Squad ran into Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk of BioWare's fame and used that opportunity to ask them some questions about this and that.

FiringSquad: BioWare makes RPGs, and crafts them well - arguably better than anyone. MDK2 was not the financial success one could have hoped despite being well-received by critics. Has this soured BioWare permanently on non-RPGs? Do you believe that specializing in RPGs leaves the company more open to financial hardship due to unexpected turns in gamer tastes? Are you concerned that BioWare might go the way of SSI after RPGs and turn-based strategy games slumped?

Ray Muzyka: We’re quite interested in merging some of the features of different genres in with those of “traditional” RPGs. For example, the upcoming Jade Empire martial arts action-RPG includes features which will appeal to RPG fans, action-RPG fans, and action-adventure fans. We think that by including features of different genres in our games, we’ll broaden our fan base and continue to appeal to a large group of both hard-core and mainstream game fans.

So does that mean that BG2 and KotOR weren't in fact action-adventure games with RPG elements?

Spotted at: GenGamers

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