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Articles associated with this tag:

31-Jan-2015 RPG Codex Review: Dragon Age: Inquisition
21-Jan-2015 Brent Knowles Interview: An Insider's Look at BioWare, 2000-2009
23-Apr-2012 Mass Effect 3: A Narratological Review
11-Aug-2011 [Quickie Nr. 001]: Konjad and Dragon Age 2
24-Mar-2011 Vault Dweller Does Dragon Age II
23-Jan-2010 Dragon Age: Choices and Consequences
15-Dec-2008 Mass Effect Reviewed
18-Apr-2007 Jade Empire review
1-Feb-2007 Mass Effect Interview
13-Jan-2006 Interview with David Gaider
3-Dec-2003 Uberlong Knights of the Old Republic review
10-Jan-2003 Witch's Wake Part 1 Review
1-Nov-2002 NWN Review
7-Apr-2021 Mass Effect: Legendary Edition info-bits from EA
11-Dec-2020 The Game Awards 2020: Disco Elysium - The Final Cut, Dragon Age and Mass Effect
28-Aug-2020 Gamescom 2020 Opening Night: Dragon Age, Necromunda, Solasta, Werewolf: The Apocalypse
14-Sep-2019 Matt Chat 426: Trent Oster on Blasteroids 3D and Shattered Steel
3-Sep-2019 Matt Chat 425: Trent Oster on Neverwinter Nights
12-May-2017 Report: BioWare Montreal scaled down, Mass Effect series on hiatus
15-Mar-2017 Shocking Report From RPS: First Hours of Mass Effect: Andromeda Stinks
13-Jun-2016 Electronic Arts E3 2016 Conference: Mass Effect: Andromeda trailer, also FIFA might be an RPG now
22-Jan-2016 David Gaider leaves BioWare
8-Jul-2015 Gamebanshee reviews Dragon Age: Inquisition + DLC
16-Jun-2015 Electronic Arts E3 2015 Conference: Mass Effect: Andromeda officially announced, coming Holiday 2016
20-Jan-2015 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 Released on GOG
31-Aug-2014 Matt Chat 255: Feargus Urquhart on Black Isle, Baldur's Gate, and Fallout 2
10-Jun-2014 E3 2014 Trailers: Witcher 3, Dragon Age: Inquisition, Mass Effect 4
23-Apr-2014 Dragon Age: Inquisition Release Date & Launch Trailer
25-Feb-2014 BioWare Working on Small Secret Project with Failbetter Games
27-Sep-2013 Tom's Guide on the Rise and Fall of D&D RPGs, with commentary by Feargus Urquhart and Chris Avellone
15-Aug-2013 Ian Frazier of Ultima: Lazarus Fame To Be Lead Designer on Mass Effect 4
24-Jul-2013 Dragon Age Inquisition Panel at PAX Australia
20-Jun-2013 Dragon Age: Inquisition Interview at CVG
11-Jun-2013 E3 2013 Trailers: Witcher 3, Dark Souls 2, Dragon Age 3, South Park
18-Apr-2013 Neverwinter Nights Retrospective Interview at RPGWatch
21-Feb-2013 Mass Effect 3: Citadel Announced
15-Jan-2013 David Gaider: On Romances in Games
10-Jan-2013 David Gaider Complains about "Increasingly Toxic" Fan Feedback
17-Dec-2012 Bioware Meltdown Watch - The Burning of Star Wars: The Old Republic
9-Dec-2012 Neverwinter Nights Retrospective at Eurogamer
6-Nov-2012 The New Age: Reflections on the 'Dragon Age' Series
26-Oct-2012 Rebuilding The Future: How BioWare Can Bounce Back
21-Oct-2012 Bioware Talks Mass Effect 4 without Shepard
13-Oct-2012 Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Announced
10-Oct-2012 Dragon Age 3 Editorials
19-Sep-2012 BioWare is still alive
18-Sep-2012 Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk Leave Bioware (and Gaming Industry)
17-Sep-2012 Dragon Age III: Inquisition Announced - Open Letter From Executive Producer
31-Aug-2012 Mass Effect 3: Leviathan Review Round-up
16-Aug-2012 Dragon Age 3 Plot Synopsis and Companions Leaked?
14-Aug-2012 BioWare on how to monetise players
6-Aug-2012 The Daily Codex: Trouble in BioLand?
3-Aug-2012 Mass Effect 3 Leviathan DLC Preview
24-Jul-2012 BioWare fan-feedback ruins SW: TOR
13-Jul-2012 Ultima Forever: Quest for the Avatar Press Release and Hype Round-up
9-Jul-2012 Jeff Vogel reviews Mass Effect 3
29-Jun-2012 Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut Review
8-Jun-2012 GamesIndustry Interviews Bioware's Development Director
9-May-2012 Dragon Age 3 delayed in favor of SW:TOR?
8-May-2012 Bioware gives insight into writing Gay Relationships
9-Apr-2012 Next Dragon Age will have stuffies
5-Apr-2012 Extended Cut: Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC Announced
1-Apr-2012 Eurogamer Looks Back at Bioware's Jade Empire
22-Mar-2012 Mass Effect 3: New Content for Clarity
21-Mar-2012 Dragon Age II Ultimate Edition Retailer Disinterest
6-Mar-2012 Mass Effect 3 Review Bombardment
4-Mar-2012 Eurogamer: Baldur's Gate 1 and 2 Retrospective
2-Mar-2012 How Mass Effect challenged my definition of 'RPG'
1-Mar-2012 Where No Game Has Gone Before: How Mass Effect Challenges Sci Fi's Greatest Achievements
29-Feb-2012 Dongs and Mass Effect 3
27-Feb-2012 Mass Effect 3 Interview Bonanza
23-Feb-2012 Mass Effect 3 Pre-Release Anticipation Info Bundle Extraordinaire
20-Feb-2012 Mass Effect Universe better than Lightsabers+Jedi Powers?
14-Feb-2012 Mass Effect 3 Demo Available
21-Dec-2011 Next Dragon Age Will Draw From Skyrim
12-Dec-2011 Emotional Engagement Penetrates Strategy Genre
30-Nov-2011 What the hell were we thinking?
16-Nov-2011 BioWare listens to Mass Effect 3 Feedback
9-Nov-2011 Baldur's Gate is Game Developers' All-time Favorite
7-Nov-2011 Mass Effect 3 Info Package
26-Oct-2011 Dragon Age 3 ComicCon Tidbits
12-Oct-2011 Level System in Mass Effect 3
3-Oct-2011 BioWare Are Not EA's Bitch
26-Sep-2011 Bethesda are 10 years ahead of BioWare
20-Sep-2011 Mass Effect 3 Interview
10-Aug-2011 BioWare Defends Changes to Dragon Age II
5-Aug-2011 We Stripped Stuff Because Origins "Was Busted"
2-Aug-2011 The Writing Of BioWare's Dragon Age II: David Gaider Speaks
11-Jul-2011 What Mass Effect Learned From Chrono Trigger
8-Jul-2011 Looking for my father, a middle-aged guy
7-Jul-2011 BioWare on intense combat and overhauling AI
4-Jul-2011 BioWare on art, sound and sharing with DICE
1-Jul-2011 BioWare on surprises, inspiration and tough decisions
29-Jun-2011 BioWare Video Interview
17-Jun-2011 BioWare Hacked
14-Jun-2011 EA: We Lost Some Fans With Dragon Age 2
7-Jun-2011 Mass Effect 3 Extended Walkthrough
1-Jun-2011 Dragon Age II Interview
22-May-2011 Dragon Age 3 Needs You
16-May-2011 Mass Effect 3 Info Package
16-May-2011 Matt Chat: Baldur's Gate
8-May-2011 Desslock – Decline of Gaming and Dragon Age II
5-May-2011 Mass Effect 3 Delayed Until Q1 2012
2-May-2011 EA has ruined BioWare
27-Apr-2011 Lessons Learned While Working at BioWare
27-Apr-2011 Dragon Age II Item Pack DLC now available
15-Apr-2011 Jeff Vogel Reviews Dragon Age II
14-Apr-2011 DA II Mike Laidlaw's GameInformer Interview
12-Apr-2011 Role-playing Homosexual in Dragon Age II
12-Apr-2011 10 Reasons Why Mass Effect 3 Will Be the Best in the Trilogy
11-Apr-2011 BioWare Will develop Dragon Age III with Multiplayer
9-Apr-2011 Mass Effect 3 Spoilers!
8-Apr-2011 An Honest Conversation With BioWare
7-Apr-2011 Dragon Age II Review @ Gamebanshee
5-Apr-2011 Dragon Age II selling so well - play Mass Effect 2 for FREE
21-Mar-2011 BioWare Forum Ban Locks Player Out of His Games, Again
21-Mar-2011 Dragon Age II SecuROM Report Follow-Up
21-Mar-2011 10 Essential Dragon Age II Mods
18-Mar-2011 Dragon Age II Has the Best Writing since PS:T
18-Mar-2011 Dragon Age II Reviews @ RPS
17-Mar-2011 Mass Effect 2 is BAFTA Worthy
14-Mar-2011 Dragon Age II Is Mediocre, BioWare Is Becoming Terrible
14-Mar-2011 BioWare Game Ban Explained
11-Mar-2011 EA bans player from playing Dragon Age II
11-Mar-2011 EA Fails To Disclose SecuROM in Dragon Age II
9-Mar-2011 Dragon Age II Review Extravaganza
8-Mar-2011 Dragon Age 2 Review
8-Mar-2011 Dragon Age 2 loses Auto-Attack
6-Mar-2011 Dragon Age 2 is Declining RPGs
3-Mar-2011 Dragon Age II News
2-Mar-2011 Another Dungeon Siege III Interview
1-Mar-2011 Dragon Age II Shorter And More Cinematic
28-Feb-2011 Dragon Age II's Old School Influences
28-Feb-2011 Dragon Age II Gamestar Review Tidbits
26-Feb-2011 Dragon Age II Won't Be Dumbed Down
24-Feb-2011 Building a better RPG: The BioWare Way
23-Feb-2011 Let's All Play Dragon Age 2
21-Feb-2011 Dragon Age II Review Tidbits
21-Feb-2011 Dragon Age II Definitely Not As Dumbed Down As Mass Effect
17-Feb-2011 15 Things PC Gamer Wants to See in Mass Effect 3
17-Feb-2011 The Technology of Dragon Age II, Part 1
11-Feb-2011 Dragon Age 2 is Darkier, Sexier, Better
9-Feb-2011 Dragon Age II Video Interviews
26-Jan-2011 Dragon Age 2 - On Dwarves, Elves and Qunari
25-Jan-2011 Dragon Age 2 103 Min. Cutscene Endurance Test
24-Jan-2011 Dragon Age II Interview Bonanza
17-Jan-2011 Dragon Age II Preview
13-Jan-2011 The Making of Dragon Age II
1-Jan-2011 Bioware responds to same sex relationships in DA
22-Dec-2010 Dragon Age II Interview
21-Dec-2010 Dragon Age II Forum Activity
21-Dec-2010 Dragon Age II Preview Bonanza
20-Dec-2010 Mass Effect 3 News Bundle
18-Dec-2010 Mass Effect 2 is Overrated
17-Dec-2010 Dragon Age II Combat Gameplay Trailer
16-Dec-2010 Mass Effect 2 Is Overrated
12-Dec-2010 Mass Effect 3 - Shepard is Our Only Hope
10-Dec-2010 [Unconfirmed] Mass Effect 3 Will Have Multiplayer
9-Dec-2010 The Making of Dragon Age II, Part One
1-Dec-2010 Dragon Age II Preview
30-Nov-2010 Dragon Age 2 Developer Diary Video
27-Nov-2010 Fun Facts About Mass Effect 2
26-Nov-2010 BioDoc Interview @ Develop
24-Nov-2010 Dragon Age 2 Interview
19-Nov-2010 Mass Effect Goes Call of Duty
18-Nov-2010 Don't Worry, Dragon Age II Is For You, Too
15-Nov-2010 Baldur's Gate 2 Available at Good Old Games
15-Nov-2010 Dragon Age II Previews
12-Nov-2010 Dragon Age 2 vs. Fable 3
10-Nov-2010 Baldur's Gate II: Shadows of Amn Retrospective Review
7-Nov-2010 Dragon Age II Interview
7-Nov-2010 Christina Norman, Lead Gameplay Designer
4-Nov-2010 Dragon Age 2: A Rogue's Tale
27-Oct-2010 Neverwinter Nights Available on GoG
26-Oct-2010 Dragon Age: Origins Art Interview
25-Oct-2010 Baldur's Gate Contest
25-Oct-2010 Dragon Age II Interview
20-Oct-2010 Dragon Age II: Information Roundup & Varric's Chest Hair
18-Oct-2010 When You Press a Button Something Awesome Happens
12-Oct-2010 Dragon Age 2 Preview
4-Oct-2010 Dragon Age II Previews
1-Oct-2010 Dragon Age Comes Closer to the Edge
28-Sep-2010 Dragon Age 2 Redefines Visceral Combat
21-Sep-2010 BioWare Montreal Interview
16-Sep-2010 Mordin Solus: The New Genophage
9-Sep-2010 Dragon Age II Preview Extravaganza
9-Sep-2010 On FemShep's Popularity In Mass Effect
9-Sep-2010 Dragon Age: Witch Hunt Impressions
8-Sep-2010 BioDLC Update: Witch Hunt Released
8-Sep-2010 BioDLC Update: Lair of the Shadowbroker Released
8-Sep-2010 Dragon Age II Female Hawke Revealed
7-Sep-2010 Mass Effect 2 Statistics Interview
5-Sep-2010 Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt - The Spoilers of Morrigan
1-Sep-2010 BioInterview: Games Are Not Art
1-Sep-2010 GamesRadar Wants to See Things in Mass Effect 3
1-Sep-2010 Dragon Age II Video Interview
26-Aug-2010 David Gaider Interview
24-Aug-2010 Ausir's Dragon Age II Interviews
19-Aug-2010 Dragon Age II Preview
17-Aug-2010 Dragon Age II Release Date Announced
16-Aug-2010 Baldurs Gate - Never Forget
11-Aug-2010 Dragon Age: Golems of Amgarrak Reviews
9-Aug-2010 And Today's Word of the Day is...Epic!
7-Aug-2010 Dragon Age 2 Jettisons Ballast [Unconfirmed]
4-Aug-2010 You will believe a God Baby Can Fly
4-Aug-2010 Mass Effect 3 and the Spirit of Streamlining
2-Aug-2010 Comprehensive Dragon Age News Bundle
2-Aug-2010 BioWare's iPhone mistake, sales targets and review scores
29-Jul-2010 Dragon Age: Golems of Grimdark
26-Jul-2010 BioWare working on DarkSpore
26-Jul-2010 Dragon Age 2 isn't a Hack n Slash Game
23-Jul-2010 The Secret of Streamlining
23-Jul-2010 Did BioWare dumb down Dragon Age ?
23-Jul-2010 Dragon Age 2 Info Recap
21-Jul-2010 Where the Hawke Rests
19-Jul-2010 The Replay Value of RPGs
18-Jul-2010 Examining Choice in Dragon Age: Origins
15-Jul-2010 Dragon Age II: Timeline of Thedas
15-Jul-2010 Greg Zeschuk Interview
14-Jul-2010 Dragon Age II Preview and New Screenshots
11-Jul-2010 Change Is Inherently Scary But Everything Will Be Fine
10-Jul-2010 Is DA 2 the End of BioWare as a Traditional RPG Creator?
10-Jul-2010 Five Facts About Hawke In Dragon Age II
9-Jul-2010 Dragon Age Leliana’s Song DLC Review
9-Jul-2010 BioDoc Explains All Things BioWare
8-Jul-2010 Dragon Age 2 Announced
2-Jul-2010 The Gilded Mirror: A New Portrait of Orlais
29-Jun-2010 Atheism in Dragon Age: Origins
24-Jun-2010 PC and RPGs - The Way of BioWare
23-Jun-2010 10 Things That'll Definitely Happen
21-Jun-2010 Mass Effect 2 - Overlord DLC Review
14-Jun-2010 You're either the Predator or you're the Prey
10-Jun-2010 Dragon Age Anime shitfest
10-Jun-2010 Someone Is Bored With BioWare
10-Jun-2010 Fourteen Reasons to Hate Mass Effect 2
4-Jun-2010 Towards Mass Effect 3
3-Jun-2010 Mass Effect 3 Mature & Epic
27-May-2010 Why DA: Awakening Is Not Terrible
25-May-2010 Mass Effect: the Motion Picture
22-May-2010 BioNews at 11
12-May-2010 The Making of Mass Effect 2
5-May-2010 Darkspawn Chronicles DLC Announced
5-May-2010 Darkspawn Chronicles
4-May-2010 Qwinn went Next-Gen
24-Apr-2010 Dragon Age Editorials
19-Apr-2010 BG2 Remake
19-Apr-2010 E for Effort : Mass Effect examined
17-Apr-2010 Mass Effect 2 Video Interview
13-Apr-2010 Mass Effect 2 Did Away With Evil Prejudices
12-Apr-2010 DA: Awakening – Narrative Disconnect
9-Apr-2010 David Gaider Interview Part II
8-Apr-2010 Mass Effect 2 Kasumi DLC Reviews
6-Apr-2010 David Gaider Interview
6-Apr-2010 Why Marilyn Manson Worked for BioWare
4-Apr-2010 Yet Another DA: Awakening Review
2-Apr-2010 Gamebanshee Reviews DA Awakening
31-Mar-2010 BioDocs comment on BioBazaar Outrage
31-Mar-2010 Mass Effect 2 - Kasumi DLC Review
29-Mar-2010 BioWare Countdown Expired
28-Mar-2010 Mass Effect 2, RPG or not RPG
26-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: The Truth unveiled
25-Mar-2010 Review Extravaganza: DA Awakening
25-Mar-2010 Mass Effect 2, RPG or Shooter?
23-Mar-2010 We're in for a surprise
22-Mar-2010 Moral Grey Areas in Dragon Age
22-Mar-2010 The Vision of BioWare
20-Mar-2010 Review Extravaganza: Dragon Age: Awakening
19-Mar-2010 BioWare enables true Roleplaying
19-Mar-2010 Mass Effect 2 wasn't perfect?
19-Mar-2010 Day One DLC explained
18-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: Awakening Interview
17-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: Awakening Review Bundle
16-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: Awakening released
14-Mar-2010 Mass Effect 3 will be re-RPG-yfied
10-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: Awakening News Bundle
10-Mar-2010 Mass Effect 2 DLC News
10-Mar-2010 Dragon Age Awakening Interview
9-Mar-2010 Dragon Age Info Service
6-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: Awakening Preview
4-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: The Dwarf Returns
1-Mar-2010 Mass Effect 2 Verdict
27-Feb-2010 Dragon Age awakens even further
26-Feb-2010 Daily Mass Effect News
25-Feb-2010 Gamebanshee reviews Dragon Age
24-Feb-2010 Mass Effect 2: The Lost Numbers
21-Feb-2010 DA keeps on awakening
20-Feb-2010 DA Awakening News Bundle
18-Feb-2010 Dragon Age: Awakening Previews
18-Feb-2010 Daily Mass Effect 2 News Bundle
17-Feb-2010 The Transparency of Mass Effect 2
17-Feb-2010 DA:O Awakening examined
16-Feb-2010 The World of The Collectors Part 2
15-Feb-2010 Gamebanshee reviews Mass Effect 2
15-Feb-2010 RPG Mechanics Improved : ME2
15-Feb-2010 DA: Awakening FAQ
13-Feb-2010 The World of The Collectors
12-Feb-2010 DA: Awakening Footage
10-Feb-2010 Dragon Age 2 & more Mass Effect in early 2011
9-Feb-2010 Beyond Mass Effect 3
8-Feb-2010 Mass Effect 2 Got Soul
7-Feb-2010 Mass Effect 2 is the future of the RPG
7-Feb-2010 What if Shepard dies?
4-Feb-2010 The Many Failures of Mass Effect 2
2-Feb-2010 Dragon Age Awakening Trailer
2-Feb-2010 Dragon Age is expanding
1-Feb-2010 DA - Return to Ostagar Review
31-Jan-2010 Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Footage
29-Jan-2010 BioWare once again delivers
28-Jan-2010 Are BioWare Games Getting Stale?
27-Jan-2010 Mass Effect 3: What we want to see
27-Jan-2010 The Legacy of our beloved RPG developer
26-Jan-2010 ME2 dissed by 2 different sites
26-Jan-2010 The Dragon Age Awakening Must Have List
26-Jan-2010 Mass Effect 2: Comprehensive Review Extravaganza
25-Jan-2010 Inside Mass Effect 2
25-Jan-2010 Mass Effect 2 Sex Scenes Leaked
23-Jan-2010 First Mass Effect 2 Reviews
23-Jan-2010 Vault Dweller reviews Dragon Age
22-Jan-2010 Mass Effect 2 : Nuke Gun revealed
6-Jan-2010 Dragon Age: Origins – Expandening
15-Dec-2009 Eurogamer retrospective of an old classic
9-Dec-2009 Mass Effect 2 - When Collar Grabbing isn't Extreme Enough
6-Dec-2009 Archetypes/Stereotypes in Dragon Age
5-Nov-2009 Dragon Age is awesome but with delayed toolset
4-Nov-2009 Dragon Age: Fantasy Event of 2009
3-Nov-2009 BioWare are definitely making a game that the fans want
2-Nov-2009 Dragon Age's online bits with Fernando Melo
31-Oct-2009 Mike Laidlaw on GTA:San Andreas
20-Oct-2009 BioWare hope you don't mind spending time reading a story
18-Oct-2009 Dragon Age goes Turn-Based
5-Oct-2009 BioWare's continually refined storytelling abilities
29-Sep-2009 Responsibility does not rest easy at BioWare
5-Sep-2009 BioWare's guide to good Dragon Age previews.
26-Aug-2009 Dragon Age is Longer Than 40 Grateful Dead Concerts
6-Aug-2009 Dwarves Go Next-Gen!
4-Aug-2009 More Dragon Age Stuff....
30-Jul-2009 And Book Review He Did
28-Jul-2009 Two Hour Long Origin Stories & Celebrity VOs Galore
27-Jul-2009 Mass Effect 2 Tracks 'Hundreds of Variables'
26-Jul-2009 The Citizen Kanes of video games
26-Jul-2009 Dragon Age - This is the New Transsexual Shit
16-Jul-2009 NowGamer Goes Long and Hard With Mass Effect 2
16-Jul-2009 The Poles Do Dragon Age
16-Jul-2009 'We've Made It Feel Like A Very Strong Console Game'
13-Jul-2009 Bioware: How Do We Do Difficulty?
9-Jul-2009 Further Dragon Age interviews
8-Jul-2009 Bioware's Zeschuk on Dragon Age and stuff
27-Jun-2009 A Wight By Any Other Name....
18-Jun-2009 Bioware Blogs on Mass Effect 2
17-Jun-2009 VGTribune Slams Dragon Age
17-Jun-2009 Dragon Age Creature Update: The High Dragon
16-Jun-2009 More Dark, Gritty, Mature Previews
16-Jun-2009 Dragon Age Goes on Tour.
13-Jun-2009 David Gaider's reaction to Rock, Paper, Shotgun preview
10-Jun-2009 Negative Dragon Age preview
10-Jun-2009 Mass Effect 2 Preview At RPGFan
5-Jun-2009 And there be dragons!
3-Jun-2009 Mass Effect 2: Shepard (Possibly) Dies and Dialogue QTEs
3-Jun-2009 Dragon Age E3 Preview Wave One
29-May-2009 Dragon Age Given A Date
27-May-2009 This News Post Will Not Give Its True Title To Infidels
19-May-2009 Dragon Age Preview At Bit-Tech
12-May-2009 Dragon Age Combat Hands-On and More!
11-May-2009 Dragon Age - BioWare's Blue Period
10-May-2009 Dragon Age - Now featuring Marilyn Manson
7-May-2009 BioWare announce Dragon Age PnP
4-May-2009 Dragon Age - No DRM Rape
30-Apr-2009 Dragon Age Website
18-Apr-2009 Dragon Age flips Elves on their heads
14-Apr-2009 I cast Magic Missile - Dragon Age
10-Apr-2009 New Mage-Related Media For Dragon Age
2-Apr-2009 GDC Dragon Age Preview Roundup
1-Apr-2009 Bioware Interview At MTV Multiplayer
31-Mar-2009 IGN Propagates The Dragon Age Hype Blitz
30-Mar-2009 GameTrailers Puts Up Exclusive Dragon Age Footage
27-Mar-2009 BioWare talk about Victorian and Wild West RPGs
23-Mar-2009 Amazon Spills Some Mass Effect 2 Info
18-Mar-2009 ME2 = Epic³
28-Feb-2009 Dragon Age - It's Gritty, Mature, & Choices with Consequence
18-Feb-2009 Mass Effect DLC Announced Plus Mass Effect 2 News
14-Feb-2009 Dragon Age - Spacebar Strategery
12-Feb-2009 Dragon Age Origin Stories Revealed!
9-Feb-2009 EuroGamer get their dirty hands on Dragon Age
2-Feb-2009 Bearing False Witness in Dragon Age
29-Jan-2009 BioWare's level designers don't just design levels
23-Jan-2009 BioWare want to connect with you emotionally
20-Jan-2009 BioWare: PC gaming is fine, you just need to adapt
10-Jan-2009 Memories of Baldur's Gate
8-Jan-2009 Mass Effect 2 Confirmed
26-Dec-2008 Baldur's Gate - Ten Years After
15-Dec-2008 Mass Effect gets the Andyman Messiah Treatment
14-Dec-2008 D. Gaider - from writing games to writing novels
24-Nov-2008 Respekt++ the Character @ the BioWare Blog
20-Nov-2008 Immersion vs Numbers: Do numbers break immersion?
17-Nov-2008 BioWare's Hippocratic Game Design @ The Escapist
22-Oct-2008 Star Wars: The Old Republic - It's about being an hero
4-Oct-2008 Dragon Age in Words and Moving Pictures
16-Sep-2008 The Golden Age of BioWare's storytelling
14-Sep-2008 Dragon Age preview at
31-Aug-2008 Make the game moddable? Yes/No/Kingcomrade
27-Aug-2008 BioWare Just Might Save Your Baby
18-Aug-2008 EuroGamer says Dragon Age Coming to Consoles
6-Aug-2008 Dragon Age Interview @ MTV Player
18-Jul-2008 BioWare working on KoTOR MMO
17-Jul-2008 Dragon Age News Roundup
14-Jul-2008 Dragon Age: Origins announced epically
8-Jul-2008 GameBanshee gives Mass Effect an 8.5
3-Jun-2008 Accepting Mass Effect as the art it has always been
28-May-2008 Mass Effect on the PC is perfect... or is it?
24-May-2008 Ray on Mass Effect 2, PC vs XBox interfaces
11-May-2008 How BioWare was born: The Ray Muzyka story
10-May-2008 BioWare caves to pressure over Mass Effect copy-protection
6-May-2008 Bioware releases Mass Effect copy protection info
8-Apr-2008 Mass Effect, trilogies, and epicness!
2-Apr-2008 Gamers With Jobs find Bioware *gasp* overrated
20-Mar-2008 Bioware founders interviewed at Crispy Gamer
17-Mar-2008 Big Bioware Q&A at Eurogamer
11-Mar-2008 BioWare on steamy girl sex in games
23-Feb-2008 Neverwinter Nights 2 Mac version preview
22-Feb-2008 Dragon Age tidbits and BioWare design philosophy
17-Feb-2008 Go work at BioWare
14-Feb-2008 KotOR 3 from BioWare?
10-Jan-2008 Dragon Age Preview on
20-Nov-2007 Mass Effect review madness
20-Nov-2007 Matt Peckham does it again
30-Oct-2007 launched
12-Oct-2007 Bioware acquisition Q&A
11-Oct-2007 Bioware is fucked
6-Sep-2007 Dragon Age dialogues leaked!
24-Aug-2007 KOTOR 2 review at Thunderbolt Games
23-Jul-2007 Did you cry when Aeris died?
26-Jun-2007 Dragon Age update - zombie kittens are in!
11-Jun-2007 KOTOR 3 for Christmas?
5-Jun-2007 Role-playing in Dragon Age
22-May-2007 Dragon Age Community Update
18-Apr-2007 Everybody was Jade Empire reviewing
16-Apr-2007 Jolt reviews Jade Empire
6-Apr-2007 GameSlave reviews Jade Empire - 8.5
6-Apr-2007 Dragon Age - the future of role-playing!
22-Mar-2007 Game Over reviews Jade Empire
15-Mar-2007 Jade Empire review at Computer Games
27-Feb-2007 Shacknews does Jade Empire: Special Edition
25-Feb-2007 Jade Empire review at Gamespy
24-Feb-2007 1UP takes a look at Jade Empire: Special Edition
24-Feb-2007 Gamespot uppercuts Jade Empire
21-Feb-2007 IGN unwraps Jade Empire: Extreme Collar-Grabbing Edition
15-Feb-2007 Bioware - Those Damn Tree Huggers
12-Feb-2007 Dragon Age preview at CVG
9-Feb-2007 Jade Empire tit for tat at Shack News
8-Feb-2007 Jade Empire gone gold
1-Feb-2007 The Codex Mass Effect interview
21-Jan-2007 Bioware interview at CVG, part II
20-Jan-2007 Bioware interview at CVG
18-Jan-2007 Bioware goes episodic
10-Jan-2007 Jade Empire: Special Edition gazings at Gamespot
12-Dec-2006 Games Radar previews Jade Empire: Special Edition
8-Dec-2006 Dragon Age sightings at 1UP
3-Nov-2006 First Dragon Age screen & info
14-Oct-2006 Dragon Age semi-annual update
17-Sep-2006 BioWare says: Don't innovate, just give me more Elves PLZ!
13-Sep-2006 Wyvern Crown of Cormyr - Bioware premium module
7-Sep-2006 Jade Empire: Special Edition in Jan 2007
29-Aug-2006 Bioware wants to make more RPGs...
18-May-2006 New NWN premium module availible for purchase
13-May-2006 Bioware redefines dialogue system
8-May-2006 Jade Empire on your home PC soon
25-Apr-2006 Dragon Age forum roundup @ Sorcerer's Place
18-Apr-2006 Rockin' hardcore old school free style and stuff
24-Feb-2006 Dragon Age forum update
11-Feb-2006 Dragon Age site updated
12-Jan-2006 Interview with David Gaider
24-Dec-2005 Dragon Age FAQ: bullshit vs reality
20-Dec-2005 Elevation to trade shares?
10-Dec-2005 Dave Gaider on DA classes design
4-Dec-2005 Can you write? Bioware wants your mad skillz
10-Nov-2005 Bioware needs your help!
9-Nov-2005 Vignettes & backgrounds in Dragon Age
7-Nov-2005 BioWare on the merger with Pandemic
17-Oct-2005 Better late than never: a KOTOR review
21-Sep-2005 Choices & Consequences in Dragon Age
18-Jul-2005 All you need is love: Relationships in Dragon Age
3-Jul-2005 BioWare guy on carrots at GameSpot
29-Jun-2005 David Gaider talks about dialogue choices AGAIN!
29-Jun-2005 Brenon Holmes on DA and strategy
15-Jun-2005 NWN Premium Module: Pirates of the Sword Coast Interview
20-May-2005 GameCloud talks to BioWare doctors
29-Mar-2005 Dragon Age Gets Its Own Languages
19-Mar-2005 Storytelling Bioware-style
10-Mar-2005 BioWare and Irrational Partner Up For Freedom Force
27-Feb-2005 NWN Beta Patch 1.66
21-Feb-2005 Dragon Age forum updates: non-violent solutions
12-Feb-2005 Globe Technology Interviews BioWare
4-Feb-2005 Neverwinter Nights: New Epic Builds
2-Feb-2005 AIAS hands out 2004 awards
22-Jan-2005 BioWare Speaks: Why IPLY and BioWare Split
18-Jan-2005 KOTOR is the pinnacle of greatness in TB RPGs
17-Jan-2005 BioWare Donates To Charity
6-Jan-2005 Dragon Age and day-n-night cycle
18-Dec-2004 Bioware: Playing a DnD wizard is too complicated
16-Dec-2004 BioWare Rumor Mill
28-Nov-2004 Some thoughts on good and evil
11-Nov-2004 Brief IGN Q&A about NWN Premium Modules
10-Nov-2004 BioWare opens shop
9-Nov-2004 Another NWN module preview at RPGVault
8-Nov-2004 Bioware keeps on scoring - DotY Award
8-Nov-2004 The most idiotic KOTOR review evar
7-Nov-2004 Someone stupid reviews KOTOR
6-Nov-2004 Brief Shadowguard preview at RPGVault
8-Oct-2004 David Gaider on settings culture & history
8-Oct-2004 Neverwinter Nights: Patch 1.64
27-Sep-2004 Voodoo Extreme talks to the BioWare duo
22-Sep-2004 BioWare licensing Unreal tech stuff at TeamXBox
21-Sep-2004 IGN Interviews BioWare
20-Sep-2004 BioWare Talks About Unreal Engine
20-Sep-2004 Bioware plans to make great RPGs by 2025
19-Sep-2004 Jade Empire going franchise and PC?
16-Sep-2004 BioWare Licenses Unreal Engine 3
1-Sep-2004 Baldur's Gate 3 not a BioWare title
27-Aug-2004 NWN Patch 1.64 Beta 2 Now Available
19-Aug-2004 Baldur's Gate in GameSpy's Hall of Fame
19-Aug-2004 Neverwinter Wednesday Community Roundtable thingy
18-Aug-2004 Why idiots like KOTOR?
14-Aug-2004 GameBanshee blows BioWare
28-Jul-2004 BioWare 2,000,000 member ph4t l3wt p4rt13
26-Jul-2004 Georg Zoeller on innovation in Bioware games
7-Jul-2004 Thunderbolt adores KOTOR
5-Jul-2004 Gaider on clerics and divine magic
30-Jun-2004 Ray Muzyka Speaks to GameSpy
24-Jun-2004 Dragon Age concept art wallpaper
18-Jun-2004 Biowarian Profile: Brenon Holmes
16-Jun-2004 Georg Zoeller sez turn based in multiplayer ain't fun
11-Jun-2004 KOTOR II preview at VGL
10-Jun-2004 Dragon Age forums update
1-Jun-2004 Discworld likes SoU
26-May-2004 Dragon Age: A Turn Based RPG?
20-May-2004 Dragon Age official FAQ posted
14-May-2004 GameSpot peeks in on Dragon Age
14-May-2004 Just for laughs: The most stupid KOTOR review
13-May-2004 IGN previews Dragon Age
13-May-2004 HomeLan confirms dragons in Dragon Age
13-May-2004 Dragon Age at first glance - Gamespy
11-May-2004 Brand new and the best evar NWN review!
7-May-2004 Bioware unveils 'Dragon Age'
20-Apr-2004 Bioware pop quiz at XBN
19-Apr-2004 New rumor: Microsoft finally bought Bioware
8-Apr-2004 Four Fat Chicks: NWN is bland, but fun
1-Apr-2004 APRIL FOOL - BioWare to make Fallout 3!
27-Mar-2004 Ever heard of Star Citadel?
24-Mar-2004 NWN Community Expansion Pack released
17-Mar-2004 HOTU hangs on to sales chart for dear life
14-Mar-2004 NWN Community Expansion Pack release date announced
5-Mar-2004 HotU wrap report at RPG Vault
2-Mar-2004 KotOR is now officially 1.03
27-Feb-2004 Ray and Greg chat with Firing Squad
25-Feb-2004 NWN updated to version 1.62
21-Feb-2004 Community Expansion Pack for Neverwinter Nights Announced
20-Feb-2004 BioWare rakes in the dough for January
14-Feb-2004 AIAS announces nominees for 7th annual AIAA
11-Feb-2004 HotU scores at C&VG
10-Feb-2004 KotOR continues to sell big
8-Feb-2004 KotOR by candlelight at VideoGamesLife
6-Feb-2004 Four Fat Chicks dig KotOR
4-Feb-2004 KotOR patched to 1.02
26-Jan-2004 Hot damn, does Boomtown ever love KotOR
18-Jan-2004 GameSpot readers choose KOTOR
13-Jan-2004 RPG Vault 2003 awards: Kotor is teh w1n
12-Jan-2004 RPGDot readers stunned by KotOR
11-Jan-2004 BioWare community grows larger
9-Jan-2004 RPGDot reader think KotOR was really pretty
8-Jan-2004 GameZone: KOTOR is the best game of 2003
6-Jan-2004 GameShark likes HOTU
6-Jan-2004 reviews KotOR
1-Jan-2004 HOTU celebrations at GamePlasma
28-Dec-2003 Bioware hanchos on 2003
25-Dec-2003 GameSpot names KotOR Best RPG 2003
24-Dec-2003 KotOR sells good in November
23-Dec-2003 Tom Ohle on TEH FUTCHOR
18-Dec-2003 NWN dev chat @ NW Vault
17-Dec-2003 NWN upped to 1.61
9-Dec-2003 NWN interview on Nuits de Padhiver
9-Dec-2003 KotOR patched up to 1.01
4-Dec-2003 KotOR patch soon
4-Dec-2003 GameSpy gets pissy with Fallout fans
4-Dec-2003 HotU posers and ponderings at Warcry
3-Dec-2003 I did KotOR
2-Dec-2003 Hordes of the Underdark hits stores
22-Nov-2003 KotOR hardware fixes available
19-Nov-2003 KotOR questions at GameSpy
18-Nov-2003 HOTU gone Gold
18-Nov-2003 Hordes trailer over at Fileshack
13-Nov-2003 UGO ogles KOTOR
11-Nov-2003 Hordes of the Underdark prelim at PC.IGN
10-Nov-2003 Underdark movies at NWVault
2-Nov-2003 KotOR tit for tat at HomeLAN Fed
28-Oct-2003 ToTheGame quizzes HOTU devs
25-Oct-2003 Hordes chit chat at GameBanshee
25-Oct-2003 Hordes Q&A over at NWVault
23-Oct-2003 KotOR preview over at GameSpy
23-Oct-2003 More Hordes feats at RPGVault
19-Oct-2003 Hordes posers at HomeLAN Fed
13-Oct-2003 KotOR riddle me this at PC GameWorld
12-Oct-2003 KotOR glimpsing at GameSpot
10-Oct-2003 KotOR PC interview at PCGameworld
10-Oct-2003 NWN Gold Edition coming in November
7-Oct-2003 Underdark gawked by PC.IGN
1-Oct-2003 RPGVault goes in-depth on HotU feats again
25-Sep-2003 Patch 1.32 for NWN
24-Sep-2003 RPGvault Feats Feature on HotU
18-Sep-2003 Riftrunner/Divinity 2 interview at Gaming Chart
15-Sep-2003 NWN overrated? GameSpy says so!
11-Sep-2003 Underdark glimpse at UGO
26-Aug-2003 GameSpot has a HotU preview also
26-Aug-2003 GameSpy gawks at Hordes of Underdark
11-May-2003 PotC question session at GameSpy
3-Feb-2003 KotOR fun at GameSpy's Most Wanted Games of 2003.
5-Dec-2002 NWN Wednesday
14-Nov-2002 NWN Wednesday
10-Nov-2002 NWN updates
26-Oct-2002 Witchwork Update
24-Oct-2002 NWN Wednesday treat
23-Oct-2002 Bioware Interview
22-Oct-2002 Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Diary #1 on RPGVault
7-Aug-2002 Bioware announces new RPG's

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