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Mass Effect 2 is the future of the RPG

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Mass Effect 2 is the future of the RPG

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Sun 7 February 2010, 16:13:32

Tags: BioWare; Mass Effect 2

Or so says gamernode.

Western RPGs don't fare any better. While most of them are already rich in character development, they are so weighed down by confusing combat systems and the always-imposing thought that you can break your character at anytime. Trying playing through the original Fallout or Fallout 2 without some sort of character guide so you don't make a useless build. Or take a look at Arcanum's character screen. While the game's story, world, and character progression are excellent, there are about 20+ stats that you can build, all of them vague and confusing. You never know which one to really build or where to invest. It's overwhelming and is just not fun at times.

I think they are a bit too premature. We should not forget about Molineux' Fable 3, maybe that's the future of the RPG.

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