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NWN Wednesday

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NWN Wednesday

Game News - posted by Ibbz on Thu 5 December 2002, 04:06:50

Tags: BioWare; Neverwinter Nights

This weeks Neverwinter Nights treats include a Player's guide to Persistent Worlds, a guild profile on the Scripters Guild and finally the most interesting of todays treats: The Witch Wakes (ed: Witch's Wake) {formerly known as the Witch Works} Player manual. Here's some juicy bits contained in the manual........

The first and most obvious difference players will notice when running The Witch's Wake is its unusual approach to death and dying. There are no easy solutions, no quick returns from the land of the dead. Like everything else in the cold lands of Witch Wake, death must be explored with caution, and with no Stone of Recall to whisk characters out of harm's way, players would do well to adapt quickly to Witch Wake's rules on player mortality.​

Welp, there goes escaping from battle with the Stone of Recall.

When the opportunity comes up, players may be given the option to Intimidate, Silence, Bluff, Pacify, Provoke, or Obtain Favor. Frequently there is more than one possible way to achieve the desired action. For example, Persuade, Performance, and Charm Person are all viable ways of obtaining a favor from an NPC, as are flirting and being of the same race as the target.
Conversation actually matters!

There is no experience for combat in The Witch?s Wake; achieving goals and exploration should be a player?s focus. Experience will be gained for discovering things (even in conversation), entering certain areas, solving problems, and taking advantage of certain role-playing opportunities. If a player?s objective is to get through a door that is guarded by a monster, experience will be awarded for opening the door and going through, not for killing the monster. Players can distract the monster, outwit it, sneak past it, or subdue it?all are considered appropriate ways to overcome the challenge and all are rewarded equally.
No exp from Combat?! What ever will the Diablo players do?

Of course there's lots more interesting information contained in the manual, so I highly recommend you to check it out.

(Exitium: What's up with that article? It's spelled Witch's Wake once, and then Witch Wake and eventually Witch Wakes. Can't these people make up their minds?)

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