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Bioware acquisition Q&A

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Bioware acquisition Q&A

Interview - posted by Vault Dweller on Fri 12 October 2007, 15:49:12

Tags: BioWare

GameSpot had an opportunity to ask Bioware's spin doctors a few qustions about the acquisition.

Going from the worlds' biggest independent developer to part of the world's biggest publisher? People are kind of taken aback. What's your reaction to that?

Ray Myzuka: Well, I'm really excited about the opportunity to integrate the great development teams we have here, the marketing teams we have here. As you said, EA is the largest, and I think, the best publisher in the world, and I think we can some value to that team, and that organization as a partnership.
From Firing Squad: Insider view:
"The company line is no doubt something like “BioWare is thrilled at the opportunity to work with the world’s leading game developer. We have been looking forward to blah blah blah”. A dose of reality can be found by hanging out the BioWare offices and overhearing some honest opinions."

Right, but you guys were always an icon of independent development, and were even more so after the deal with Pandemic...

Greg Zeschuk: Well, to be blunt, I don't really see ourselves as not being independent anymore. We've got a goal of making great BioWare games, and we believe in [EA CEO] John[ Riccitiello]'s vision--we can't overemphasize that. We've worked with John for years, and we're looking forward to keep doing what we're doing and doing it well.
He's very optimistic. Time for a HISTARY LESON!

Westwood Studios, based in Las Vegas, currently has a five to six percent share of the PC game market. The company, and its 150 employees, will remain in Nevada. "We were courted by many companies, but in the end, we knew that EA would provide us with the best infrastructure and support that we need," said Sperry, Westwood's president and CEO.
I think you'll be pleasantly surprised, Brett.

Spotted at: RPG Watch

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