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Dragon Age forum updates: non-violent solutions

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Dragon Age forum updates: non-violent solutions

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 21 February 2005, 18:45:08

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

It's time to see what our Bioware pals have been up to. Currently David Gaider is battling the hordes of local fauna who ask all kinda idiotic questions like "Does the game has high replayability?" What kinda answer do they expect? "Uh, no, not really, it sucks so badly that most people won't even finish it"? Anyway, the latest topic is Non-Violent Solutions to Violent Problems

Generally when setting up an encounter or a plot, I put in what paths seem appropriate to the story and the situation. I wouldn't put in a "non-violent" solution just to have it in there... I would put it in if there was a way to do so that was as fun as the other paths. It's not a design goal in and of itself.

Does this mean that Dragon Age is some mindless hack-and-slash game? No, but the story centers on epic events and warfare. Look at the story in Lord of the Rings, for example, and ask yourself if 1/3 of the conflicts therein could or should have been avoided.
I think it would be fun to play a diplomat if the story catered to making that a meaningful path. Not all stories are going to allow that as a possibility.
This isn't about whether the combat is mindless or not, though you seem to be trying to make it about that. I'm not arguing that combat shouldn't be more meaningful.

Combat is, however, a big part of most RPG's... as you point out yourself... and DA will be no different in that respect. Why? Because it's exciting and fun. Getting experience and leveling up is part of what most people find fun about it.

I get it that you think there should be story in every fight, and that you disagree with me when I say that avoiding combat is not a goal in and of itself. I believe, however, that that is an idea that only sounds good in concept and does not work in practice. There will be encounters that do not result in combat or where combat can be avoided in DA, probably more than we've even done before, but that is not the point of the game nor is it the point of an RPG.
Why? What is so special about avoiding fights that it makes for good roleplaying? If avoiding combat can be done in a fun way that fits the story, then great. It's not a goal in and of itself, and that's all I'm saying.
Sorry? No, I didn't. I said that there was nothing very epic about being able to avoid every combat in the game. I also said that the game would focus on epic events and warfare. That's not the same thing with equating epic with lots of slaughtering at all.


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