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Dragon Age: Origins

Dragon Age: Origins

Articles associated with this tag:

21-Jan-2015 Brent Knowles Interview: An Insider's Look at BioWare, 2000-2009
8-Feb-2010 Let's Review Dragon Age: Origins! (again)
23-Jan-2010 Dragon Age: Choices and Consequences
5-Feb-2014 Skyrim vs Dragon Age: Two Hour Video Edition
6-Nov-2012 The New Age: Reflections on the 'Dragon Age' Series
7-Dec-2010 Might & Magic vs Dragon Age
26-Oct-2010 Dragon Age: Origins Art Interview
1-Oct-2010 Dragon Age Comes Closer to the Edge
9-Sep-2010 Dragon Age: Witch Hunt Impressions
8-Sep-2010 BioDLC Update: Witch Hunt Released
5-Sep-2010 Dragon Age: Origins - Witch Hunt - The Spoilers of Morrigan
11-Aug-2010 Dragon Age: Golems of Amgarrak Reviews
2-Aug-2010 Comprehensive Dragon Age News Bundle
29-Jul-2010 Dragon Age: Golems of Grimdark
18-Jul-2010 Examining Choice in Dragon Age: Origins
9-Jul-2010 Dragon Age Leliana’s Song DLC Review
2-Jul-2010 The Gilded Mirror: A New Portrait of Orlais
29-Jun-2010 Atheism in Dragon Age: Origins
10-Jun-2010 Dragon Age Anime shitfest
27-May-2010 Why DA: Awakening Is Not Terrible
22-May-2010 BioNews at 11
5-May-2010 Darkspawn Chronicles DLC Announced
5-May-2010 Darkspawn Chronicles
4-May-2010 Qwinn went Next-Gen
24-Apr-2010 Dragon Age Editorials
12-Apr-2010 DA: Awakening – Narrative Disconnect
6-Apr-2010 Why Marilyn Manson Worked for BioWare
4-Apr-2010 Yet Another DA: Awakening Review
2-Apr-2010 Gamebanshee Reviews DA Awakening
26-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: The Truth unveiled
25-Mar-2010 Review Extravaganza: DA Awakening
22-Mar-2010 Moral Grey Areas in Dragon Age
20-Mar-2010 Review Extravaganza: Dragon Age: Awakening
18-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: Awakening Interview
17-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: Awakening Review Bundle
16-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: Awakening released
10-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: Awakening News Bundle
10-Mar-2010 Dragon Age Awakening Interview
9-Mar-2010 Dragon Age Info Service
6-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: Awakening Preview
4-Mar-2010 Dragon Age: The Dwarf Returns
27-Feb-2010 Dragon Age awakens even further
25-Feb-2010 Gamebanshee reviews Dragon Age
21-Feb-2010 DA keeps on awakening
20-Feb-2010 DA Awakening News Bundle
18-Feb-2010 Dragon Age: Awakening Previews
17-Feb-2010 DA:O Awakening examined
15-Feb-2010 DA: Awakening FAQ
12-Feb-2010 DA: Awakening Footage
10-Feb-2010 Dragon Age 2 & more Mass Effect in early 2011
8-Feb-2010 Elzair takes a look at Dragon Age: Origins
2-Feb-2010 Dragon Age Awakening Trailer
2-Feb-2010 Dragon Age is expanding
1-Feb-2010 DA - Return to Ostagar Review
31-Jan-2010 Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening Footage
26-Jan-2010 The Dragon Age Awakening Must Have List
23-Jan-2010 Vault Dweller reviews Dragon Age
6-Jan-2010 Dragon Age: Origins – Expandening
30-Dec-2009 Jeff Vogel reviews Dragon Age
9-Dec-2009 Dragon Age - Gamasutra's Top of 2009
6-Dec-2009 Archetypes/Stereotypes in Dragon Age
3-Dec-2009 VD holds forth on Dragon Age Quest Design
19-Nov-2009 Dargon Age is the best RPG ever
13-Nov-2009 Dragon Age DLC == A cool $1 million
7-Nov-2009 Dragon Age is too hard; 1st patch makes it easier
5-Nov-2009 Dragon Age is awesome but with delayed toolset
4-Nov-2009 Dragon Age: Fantasy Event of 2009
3-Nov-2009 BioWare are definitely making a game that the fans want
2-Nov-2009 Dragon Age's online bits with Fernando Melo
20-Oct-2009 BioWare hope you don't mind spending time reading a story
18-Oct-2009 Dragon Age goes Turn-Based
11-Oct-2009 Watch two guys playing Dragon Age for 20 mins
5-Oct-2009 BioWare's continually refined storytelling abilities
29-Sep-2009 Responsibility does not rest easy at BioWare
23-Sep-2009 Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Lightning Bolt, Dragon Age.
5-Sep-2009 BioWare's guide to good Dragon Age previews.
29-Aug-2009 There are two kind of elves in Dragon Age
26-Aug-2009 Dragon Age is Longer Than 40 Grateful Dead Concerts
12-Aug-2009 IGN feel up Dragon Age's Humans
6-Aug-2009 Dwarves Go Next-Gen!
4-Aug-2009 More Dragon Age Stuff....
30-Jul-2009 And Book Review He Did
28-Jul-2009 Two Hour Long Origin Stories & Celebrity VOs Galore
26-Jul-2009 Dragon Age - This is the New Transsexual Shit
20-Jul-2009 The Dragon Age toolset is massive, just like the game.
16-Jul-2009 The Poles Do Dragon Age
16-Jul-2009 'We've Made It Feel Like A Very Strong Console Game'
9-Jul-2009 Further Dragon Age interviews
8-Jul-2009 Bioware's Zeschuk on Dragon Age and stuff
27-Jun-2009 A Wight By Any Other Name....
17-Jun-2009 VGTribune Slams Dragon Age
17-Jun-2009 Dragon Age Creature Update: The High Dragon
16-Jun-2009 More Dark, Gritty, Mature Previews
16-Jun-2009 Dragon Age Goes on Tour.
13-Jun-2009 David Gaider's reaction to Rock, Paper, Shotgun preview
10-Jun-2009 Negative Dragon Age preview
9-Jun-2009 David Gaider's Mature Storytelling Corner
5-Jun-2009 And there be dragons!
3-Jun-2009 Dragon Age E3 Preview Wave One
1-Jun-2009 IGN discuss dialogue in RPGs
29-May-2009 Dragon Age Given A Date
27-May-2009 This News Post Will Not Give Its True Title To Infidels
26-May-2009 Dragon Age Pen and Paper System Interview at GameBanshee
19-May-2009 Dragon Age Preview At Bit-Tech
12-May-2009 Dragon Age Combat Hands-On and More!
11-May-2009 Dragon Age - BioWare's Blue Period
10-May-2009 Dragon Age - Now featuring Marilyn Manson
7-May-2009 BioWare announce Dragon Age PnP
4-May-2009 Dragon Age - No DRM Rape
30-Apr-2009 Dragon Age Website
18-Apr-2009 Dragon Age flips Elves on their heads
14-Apr-2009 I cast Magic Missile - Dragon Age
10-Apr-2009 New Mage-Related Media For Dragon Age
8-Apr-2009 Yippee ki-yay motherfuckers: Dragon Age is like Die Hard
2-Apr-2009 GDC Dragon Age Preview Roundup
31-Mar-2009 IGN Propagates The Dragon Age Hype Blitz
30-Mar-2009 GameTrailers Puts Up Exclusive Dragon Age Footage
28-Feb-2009 Dragon Age - It's Gritty, Mature, & Choices with Consequence
14-Feb-2009 Dragon Age - Spacebar Strategery
12-Feb-2009 Dragon Age Origin Stories Revealed!
10-Feb-2009 Dragon Age preview round-up; WereWolves & choices
9-Feb-2009 No Dragon Age until the end of 2009
9-Feb-2009 EuroGamer get their dirty hands on Dragon Age
5-Feb-2009 Dark = difficult choices in Dragon Age - What makes a story?
2-Feb-2009 Bearing False Witness in Dragon Age
16-Jan-2009 March 3rd 2009 - ITZ coming: Dragon Age Book
13-Jan-2009 Dragon Age: RPGwatch's most promising RPG of 2008
23-Dec-2008 Grey Warden video @ Bioware
20-Dec-2008 Dragon Age Character Q&A @ GameSpot
27-Nov-2008 Dragon Age compared to Baldur's Gate & Neverwinter Nights
4-Oct-2008 Dragon Age in Words and Moving Pictures
14-Sep-2008 Dragon Age preview at
3-Sep-2008 Choices & Consequences in Dragon Age
31-Aug-2008 Make the game moddable? Yes/No/Kingcomrade
23-Aug-2008 David Gaider has free reign in Dragon Age
21-Aug-2008 Dragon Age has respekt++ for Mages
18-Aug-2008 EuroGamer says Dragon Age Coming to Consoles
14-Aug-2008 Dragon Age in Indiana, Leipzig and Seattle
6-Aug-2008 Dragon Age Interview @ MTV Player
24-Jul-2008 Dragon Age: Library Wars
18-Jul-2008 Dragon Age really is Lord of the Rings
17-Jul-2008 Dragon Age News Roundup
16-Jul-2008 Consequences and epic battles in Dragon Age
14-Jul-2008 Dragon Age: Origins announced epically
12-Jul-2008 25 second Dragon Age: Origins trailer is up
10-Jul-2008 Dragon Age: Origins website here NOWish!
7-Jul-2008 Dragon Age website coming SOONish!
20-Mar-2008 Bioware founders interviewed at Crispy Gamer
17-Mar-2008 Big Bioware Q&A at Eurogamer
22-Feb-2008 Dragon Age tidbits and BioWare design philosophy
10-Jan-2008 Dragon Age Preview on
6-Sep-2007 Dragon Age dialogues leaked!
26-Jun-2007 Dragon Age update - zombie kittens are in!
5-Jun-2007 Role-playing in Dragon Age
22-May-2007 Dragon Age Community Update
6-Apr-2007 Dragon Age - the future of role-playing!
15-Feb-2007 Bioware - Those Damn Tree Huggers
12-Feb-2007 Dragon Age preview at CVG
8-Dec-2006 Dragon Age sightings at 1UP
3-Nov-2006 First Dragon Age screen & info
14-Oct-2006 Dragon Age semi-annual update
25-Apr-2006 Dragon Age forum roundup @ Sorcerer's Place
24-Feb-2006 Dragon Age forum update
11-Feb-2006 Dragon Age site updated
24-Dec-2005 Dragon Age FAQ: bullshit vs reality
10-Dec-2005 Dave Gaider on DA classes design
10-Nov-2005 Bioware needs your help!
9-Nov-2005 Vignettes & backgrounds in Dragon Age
21-Sep-2005 Choices & Consequences in Dragon Age
18-Jul-2005 All you need is love: Relationships in Dragon Age
29-Jun-2005 David Gaider talks about dialogue choices AGAIN!
29-Jun-2005 Brenon Holmes on DA and strategy
29-Mar-2005 Dragon Age Gets Its Own Languages
21-Feb-2005 Dragon Age forum updates: non-violent solutions
6-Jan-2005 Dragon Age and day-n-night cycle
18-Dec-2004 Bioware: Playing a DnD wizard is too complicated
28-Nov-2004 Some thoughts on good and evil
8-Oct-2004 David Gaider on settings culture & history
14-Aug-2004 GameBanshee blows BioWare
24-Jun-2004 Dragon Age concept art wallpaper
16-Jun-2004 Georg Zoeller sez turn based in multiplayer ain't fun
10-Jun-2004 Dragon Age forums update
26-May-2004 Dragon Age: A Turn Based RPG?
20-May-2004 Dragon Age official FAQ posted
14-May-2004 GameSpot peeks in on Dragon Age
13-May-2004 IGN previews Dragon Age
13-May-2004 HomeLan confirms dragons in Dragon Age
13-May-2004 Dragon Age at first glance - Gamespy
7-May-2004 Bioware unveils 'Dragon Age'

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