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BioWare hope you don't mind spending time reading a story

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BioWare hope you don't mind spending time reading a story

Interview - posted by DarkUnderlord on Tue 20 October 2009, 11:37:11

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

Polygamia had a Polish / English interview with BioWare. Words were exchanged during conversation:
One of my concerns is that Mass Effect 1 did not offer many changes in the world based on your decisions. Will there be more in Mass Effect 2?

Most decisions in Mass Effect 1 were very personal. In Mass Effect 2, the strange decisions in the first game come back to haunt you. And in Mass Effect 3, you have made lots of decisions all throughout, and in the end it'll be very clear what kind of character you are and what you have done.
How about Dragon Age? Who would an ideal Dragon Age player be?

Someone who doesn't mind spending time on dialogue and is interested in reading a story. People interested in Dragon Age will have a desire to read through a story, will take their time exploring. It has a lot of detail that can be missed easily if you're just interested in beating it up. It's not really that type of game. It is an M-rated game, targeted at mature players only. I think with the combat, mature relationships and all that, it is definitely intended for more of a mature gamer, someone who is going to appreciate such details.
How much will the choices that you make in Dragon Age matter? How will they influence the world?

In Dragon Age your choices are not good guy/bad guy, but you have to choose one thing over another. Am I going to choose the werewolves or this village of Dalish elves? The werewolves have a good reason to be at war, the elves also do. I have to choose because I have to gather up an army. If I pick the werewolves, the village gets destroyed and the people are slaughtered.

... and if I choose the Elves, the Werewolf den is destroyed and the Werewolves are slaughtered?

EuroGamer have more on the "slow-burning" Dragon Age:
It's an important game, then; we got an indication how important (and how big) when publisher EA started distributing a complete PC review version to press months before its release. That never happens. We've already had plenty of time to sink our teeth into it, and bring you this run-down of how it all fits together ahead of our review in the coming weeks.
In gameplay if not dramatic terms, then, Dragon Age is a slow-burner. Throughout the origins and the prologue, combat happens in brief bursts, while storytelling happens in great spools of meandering, branching conversation as the world, the plot, the forces at work and the principal characters are mapped out in loquacious detail. It's not until you get stuck into your first major quest that you will spend as much time fighting as you spend talking, and by then you could be a dozen hours or more into the game. You will also have spent much of your time fighting accompanied by bit-part-players rather than the long-term party companions, interaction with whom - both on and off the battlefield - defines the game.

Mmmm... Loquacious.

Thanks Ausir!

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