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The Dragon Age Awakening Must Have List

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The Dragon Age Awakening Must Have List

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Tue 26 January 2010, 11:37:03

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

IGN compiled a list with 10 very important features the upcoming expansion pack for Dragon Age just has to have.

Tone down the mages' powers.

In Origins, players are constantly hearing that magic users wield too much power. Whether it's the paranoia of the templars or the seemingly unfounded fears of the peasantry, mages are portrayed as walking nuclear bombs– a situation that only gets worse toward the end of the game. You can understand why: mages always hit their targets with their staffs, and as they gain more levels, they cause lots more damage. Their area of effect spells are brutal against most enemies, so it's possible to weaken or destroy almost any threat against your party. Worst of all, these wizards can beat the Arch-demon in half the time that it takes other classes because of their ranged advantages and abilities.
If these characters aren't controlled, they will become gods by the time they reach the expansion pack's level cap. They'll be able to smite anything in their path without actually needing the help of a party. I'm not saying they need to be totally nerfed to balance the three classes, but there has to be some kind of limitation placed on mages. Slow down the refresh rate on certain abilities or limit the times and locations in which a player can use some of the most powerful spells. A few reasonable restrictions will ensure these spell casters won't fly through the expansion's content in half the time it takes the Warrior and Rogue classes.

Nerf the Mages!! That's really nothing new, there's always a crowd that wants to nerf Mages, that's not exclusive to DA. Interestingly those guys often don't play Mages themselves - because if they do Mages seem to be all puny and fragile and die way too easily plus are utterly useless. No wonder with all that thinking and strategies and other scienmajistic stuffies involved. So really, I will counter the mage nerfing argument with a citation of Volourn the Wise : sorry, but youa re dumb.

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