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You're the BEST... Around!

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You're the BEST... Around!

Community - posted by Saint_Proverbius on Thu 11 April 2024, 15:22:02

Butters needs more votes in his Best CRPG List since he wants a larger sample size. There's still a week left on the voting, so now's the time! Here's those rules for the casting:

- Only PC games. Multi-platform titles like KotOR or Dark Souls are ok, but no 20-years-later ports like Chrono Trigger.
- Votes for expansion packs (MotB) are going to be counted as votes for the base game. If you vote for both, only the base game vote is going to count. If you vote for M&M 4 and 5 separately instead of saying World of Xeen, I'm going to slap you.
- The exception to the above rule is total conversions like Enderal or Archolos. These are functionally entirely new games, and will be treated as such.
- You can submit fewer than 10 games for each list if you don't like that many RPGs (but why are you even here?).
- You can include a game on both lists, but any game that makes the cut for the Top RPGs list will be ignored on the Hidden Gems list.
- Your post will be ignored if you have more than 10 games in either list.
- No votes from alts or accounts created after this vote began.
- Voting will close on April 20th at 16:00 GMT. You can freely edit your vote until then.

So, go let your voice heard while you still can. Do it for Democracy. And statistics. Which is the worst field of math.

Thanks, Konjad for the reminder on this.

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