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Bioware founders interviewed at Crispy Gamer

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Bioware founders interviewed at Crispy Gamer

Interview - posted by El Dee on Thu 20 March 2008, 17:34:50

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

There's an interview at Crispy Gamer with Bioware founders Ray Muzyka and Greg Zeschuk. They talk about the company's beginnings and the EA buyout, and briefly discuss Baldur's Gate and Dragon Age. Greg Zeschuk also gives his view on the current state of RPGs:
Crispy Gamer: Role-playing was once declared a "dead" genre overall, though -- what do you have to say about that, let alone the reported demise of other categories like adventures and simulations?

The RPG genre has certainly come a long way, and in fact I think you can see a lot of games in other genres starting to adopt some of the features that make RPGs great. A lot of games these days are starting to put more emphasis on stories, characters, customization, dialogue and all those things that have traditionally been staples of the RPG genre. So we're glad to see that the genre hasn't died, and is in fact starting to gain more and more prominence.

Or maybe it is vice versa and these other genres have been adopted into RPGs, leading to the watered-down games being currently released?

Thanks, Brother None

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