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Dragon Age preview at CVG

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Dragon Age preview at CVG

Preview - posted by Vault Dweller on Mon 12 February 2007, 13:45:14

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

CVG has posted a preview of Dragon Age:

For years, RPGs had to rely on text to communicate their stories, dialogue and scenes. Technological advances created new avenues - we started seeing expressions, hearing voices, understanding how characters felt without being told "Bob is angry!"

But it's never reached the level of sophistication we've grown used to in other media. Where are the pregnant pauses, the glowering looks, the terrified faces and the cheeky grins that would give our heroes and villains true depth?
Cheeky grins = true depth?

BioWare are looking to add a third layer of communication to what is said and how it's said; how characters look when they speak. With any luck, we can kiss goodbye to immobile faces badly lip-synching dialogue that deserves animated expressions. We'll begin to understand motivations instinctively; rather than digesting dialogue and calculating our next move, we'll feel what is the right way to proceed. BioWare's plan is nothing less than a reinvention of the genre, of the way we play.
RPG is the most abused genre in the history of gaming.

Wondering about that name? Think 'Bronze Age' or 'Iron Age' - the game takes place in an era dominated by dragons and powerful magic. "Magic is a really big deal. If someone were to walk into a pub, point the finger, and you burst into flames, that would have real consequences in the world.
Like what?

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