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Dragon Age: A Turn Based RPG?

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Dragon Age: A Turn Based RPG?

Development Info - posted by Exitium on Wed 26 May 2004, 18:41:07

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

Sorcerer's Place (our host site) has a long list of Dragon Age forum snippets and this one caught my attention in particular:

Georg Zeller wrote:
I think it is fairly safe to say that Dragon Age will not use the Jade Empire Rules system.

Jade Empire ( is an Action Role Playing game that features real time combat, Dragon Age combat will be very different from that, it wouldn't make much sense to use the same rules system.

Does that mean that Dragon Age could be a turn-based RPG, or a variation thereof? Here's even more from Scott Greig
At this point it seemed like a good idea to try to use the Kotor style control (explore mode) for exploration and the BG style for combat (tactical mode). Of course there was big concern about how jarring the transition would be, so we built a proof of concept test to try this out.

What we found was that the two systems worked pretty seamlessly. What I was surprised about was the fact that I was engaging in combat in explore mode for some of the easy battles and using the tactical mode for the more difficult ones. I personally find the explore mode the best for, well, exploring and tactical mode for combat.

We will have the option for both manual and automatic switching of the camera modes so you will be able to play the game exactly like BG or Kotor if you choose, but I think that most of the people will play it in the hybrid mode.

What exactly is 'hybrid' mode? Is that just another euphemism for pause-and-play (which Jade Empire and KOTOR feature) or is it an actual variant of turn-based mode? What's up, Bioware?

Thanks for the heads up, Patrick.

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