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Dragon Age sightings at 1UP

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Dragon Age sightings at 1UP

Preview - posted by Role-Player on Fri 8 December 2006, 14:53:50

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

1UP has scored a preview of Bioware's upcoming title, Dragon Age. In between the usual fawning over Bioware and the developers talking about how the game's coreographed combat is so going to look like an action movie, there are some bits of info which may or may not be true:

As in any BioWare game, characters--and moral choices--tower over everything, though Greig says it isn't as simple as light-side points and dark-side points, open palm and closed fist. "Yes, you're the hero, or the antihero, depending on how you play, but it's going to be a lot more organic. You basically have to save the world, but what the world is like when you're done--that's totally up to you and the choices you make throughout the game. You're literally going to decide the fate of nations, who's becoming king, what nations are actually around after...what races are around. You're going to have to make some hard choices in the game, but we want all the choices to be clear. The player's gonna know if he does this, there's a really horrific consequence. Decisions are gonna be hard...and sort of shocking."

I'm sure many people will not be seeing that YOU ARE THE CHOSEN DRAGON!

Spotted at: RPG Watch

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