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A Wight By Any Other Name....

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A Wight By Any Other Name....

Preview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Sat 27 June 2009, 22:31:04

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

Bioware has once again updated the Dragon Age website's creature section, this time profiling both the Devouring Corpse
As demons pass through the Veil into our world, they seek out that which they desire most: Life. Unable to distinguish between those that are living and those that are not, many demons possess the bodies of the dead. Trapped within the lifeless corpse, the demon is driven mad and will lash out at those around it who are truly alive.

A devouring corpse is a body possessed by a hunger demon. It has a ravenous appetite and will seek to feed on any living thing it finds. Many of these creatures have demonstrated the ability to drain the very life force from their opponents.
as well as the Arcane Horror.
Every child knows that an abomination is a creature created when a demon possesses a mage. Few realize, however, that the dangers of possession extend even beyond the mage's lifetime. Demons often cannot distinguish between a living being and a dead one and will readily take control of either––which may explain the Chantry's introduction of the cremation ritual. When a mage's corpse is possessed by a pride demon, the specific abomination that results is known as an arcane horror, a powerful creature possessing both the twisted insanity that afflicts most undead as well as the magical power that the mage wielded when alive. Although not nearly as capable as a true abomination created from a living mage, the arcane horror often demonstrates mastery over both blood magic and other animated corpses.
Those don't sound like derivatives of Dungeons and Dragons undead in the sir. So much for "low fantasy" as well, though I suppose that went out the window a long time ago
Spotted at: Gamebanshee

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