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Dragon Age - This is the New Transsexual Shit

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Dragon Age - This is the New Transsexual Shit

Game News - posted by Jason on Sun 26 July 2009, 02:31:44

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

Turn down the lights, get comfortable, and whip out the lotion because the ESRB is about to throw some of that Dragon Age naughtytalk all over you.
During the course of the game, players are able to visit a brothel where a hostess asks what they are interested in. If players select "Surprise me," they can sometimes wind up face-to-face with a woman, a man, a transsexual, or an animal; sexual activity is never depicted during these brothel encounters. Players can also initiate brief cutscene sequences in which couples (male and female or same sex couples) can be depicted kissing, embracing, and caressing one another as the screen fades to black. Though the game never features human nudity, one female demon character is briefly depicted with bare breasts. Some profanity (e.g., "sh*t," "b*tch," and "a*s") can be heard in the dialogue.

And to think, some of you doubted me when I broached the subject of dog-on-human rape in Dragon Age. Hope you've all learned a valuable lesson.

Thanks to Brother "Bestiality is my Speciality" None for the tip

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