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Review Extravaganza: DA Awakening

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Review Extravaganza: DA Awakening

Review - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Thu 25 March 2010, 11:00:03

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

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All this builds up to an amazing finale sequence that makes up for almost everything we complained about. Without giving too much away, players are presented with some tough moral choices, pitting their duties as Grey Wardens against their role as leader of Amaranthine. The end boss (or bosses, as the case may be) is very challenging and requires quite a bit of skill and character management to overcome. We enjoyed seeing our decisions culminate into an epilogue, although we were once given a conclusion to a quest we didn't discover. Although we're a little disappointed that there isn't more content connecting Awakening to decisions made in the Origins campaign, the new content more than makes up for it. It's definitely an experience fans shouldn't miss out on.

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I was really excited when I heard Bioware claim that Awakening was around “thirty hours or more”, but that really isn’t the case. After twelve hours, I defeated the final boss, and after around fifteen, I had everything done. Some gamers might work slower and get in the neighborhood of twenty hours, but at $40, the price is right provided you plan on playing the game again at some point in time.

Awakening is disconnected from Origins enough to really justify it’s existence, so don’t pass it off as a simple “DLC pack”. On a personal level, I like the characters better, I like the more streamlined approach, and there are a ton of extra abilities and play styles to choose from – but from a technical standpoint, Origins is a better game.

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