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Bioware: Playing a DnD wizard is too complicated

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Bioware: Playing a DnD wizard is too complicated

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 18 December 2004, 16:02:58

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

Marcy Darcy Pajak, Bio's Assistant Producer, has made some comments about how hard it is to play a wizard in DnD games (it's a rocket science if you listen to Darcy), and dropped a few hints about the Dragon Age magic system

Spell casting in D&D is very complicated. The management of a wizards spell book is a key skill a PNP player needs. They only have so many spells they can cast each day and if they pick the wrong spells they're useless.

First they need to decide how to balance their spell book between protection spells, enhancement, healing, attacking, and task-preforming. Then each spicific spell has certain components needed. (eye of neut, gems, etc.) Then, in a tatical situation, the speed of casting a spell plays an important factor. This is a lot for a casual play to do, and if they get it wrong, their gameplay experance suffers.

After all that they finaly cast their spell, only to find out their target made a "saving throw" and the spell didn't work anyway.(It's no wonder few people played NWN as a pure spell caster).

On the development side, making sure each of the hundreds of spells does what the rules say is not easy.

In Dragon Age the spell caster still has a wide range of choices for spells, but instead of managing a spell book, they'll be managing power. They can cast lower level spells more often, but still have to reserve some power for a big monster.

The exact nature of spells in Dragon Age is still being balanced, so I cannot go into anything more spicific.

I actually cried when I thought of stupid bastards who really wanted to play as a wizard but couldn't because it was so damn hard.

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