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DA: Awakening FAQ

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DA: Awakening FAQ

Game News - posted by VentilatorOfDoom on Mon 15 February 2010, 10:04:08

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

BioWare launched a DA Awakening website and answers questions that were supposedly frequently asked.

Which Dragon Age: Origins NPC will be returning?

Besides Oghren who plays a large role in Awakening, there are cameos and returning characters. For companions you'll potentially meet Loghain, Wynne, and Alistair depending on your decisions in Origins. In regards to NPCs, Master Wade and Herren reprise their roles, with Wade offering to make even more fantastical goods if the player brings his list of ingredients. Loghain's daughter, Anora, may also appear in Awakening depending on your choices in Origins. From David Gaider's novel "The Calling" - both the Architect and Utha are present in Awakening.
If my PC died at the end of Dragon Age: Origins how are they alive in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening?

If a player wants to, they can import their "Dead Warden" into Awakening and play as them. For the story it's assumed that they didn't make the ultimate sacrifice, instead somehow survived. A player would start as the same level with the same gear as their "Dead Warden". Essentially, if a player doesn't have a problem hand-waiving the story in this regard - neither do we.
Will my items, armor, stats, etc transfer over if I import my character from Dragon Age: Origins?
Almost all items are imported with your character. The only exceptions are the Origins promotional items and DLC loot, which were meant for Origins alone.

So DLC loot doesn't transfer..., anyway I'm sure there will be new DLC with shiny loot soon, suitable for the Awakening.

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