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Dragon Age FAQ: bullshit vs reality

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Dragon Age FAQ: bullshit vs reality

Game News - posted by Vault Dweller on Sat 24 December 2005, 18:24:31

Tags: BioWare; David Gaider; Dragon Age: Origins

Remember Dragon Age FAQ? Turned out, it was written before the story was, according to Dave Gaider. Take a look:

FAQ: As you play, your actions shape the destiny of the world. Unite a powerful kingdom under your wise and just rule, enslave nations beneath the tyranny of your powerful necromancy or forge a legend of your own making.

DGaider: That FAQ was written before the story was. You do not actually enslave nations in DA -- with or without necromancy. I think the intent when it was written was to talk more about the scope of what we would be doing rather than to promise certain events. Heck, back then we were still intent on having the old good-evil alignment slider.
I'm fairly certain that enslaving nations with necromancy IS a very specific promise of certain events, but what do I know?

FAQ: Hero or villain, the choice is yours. Dragon Age features an awesome storyline and epic exploration in the BioWare RPG tradition.

DGaider: Becoming an actual antagonist would require a completely different storyline, one we are not interested in doing. You are the heroic protaganist... though how much of a "hero" you are is subject to question, as considering DA's darker tone you will have a number of options open to you which go quite a bit beyond the simply greedy or bullying. There must be a temptation to do otherwise if doing the right thing is going to be meaningful, after all (in my opinion).
Hero or villain, the choice is yours. You better choose "hero" though, because we are not interested in doing the villain thing. Unless you wanna be a heroic villain, in which case it's cool.

DGaider: So the FAQ is out-of-date. Just like any statements we make about the game, it's subject to change and I wouldn't take any part of that as gospel (especially considering that it's more than a year old). Eventually it will be updated.
Translation: Any statements we make are bullshit, and if you are stupid enough to believe them, that's your own fault. Fair enough, I guess.

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