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More Dragon Age Stuff....

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More Dragon Age Stuff....

Preview - posted by Edward_R_Murrow on Tue 4 August 2009, 06:10:56

Tags: BioWare; Dragon Age: Origins

Lots more. First up, another new pre-order item, this time a magic elven wedding band from Direct2Drive.
Intended for a Dalish elf's bethrothed, this enchanted silver band was blessed by the tribe's Keeper to ensure a long, healthy life.

-Increased effectiveness of healing effects
-Subtract damage from darkspawn attacks
-Increase combat health regeneration
Next up...I Can't Believe It's Not A Succubus is profiled in the creature section of the official DA site.
Of all the threats from beyond the Veil, few are as insidious and deceptively deadly as the desire demon. These demons are characterized most commonly as peddlers of lust, but in truth they deal with any manner of desire that humans can possess–wealth, power and beauty, to name but a few. Many who serve the whims of a desire demon never realize it. They are manipulated by illusions and deceit; indeed, desire demons seem to take great pleasure in corruption. The greater the deceit, the greater their victory. When roused to violence, however, the desire demon can demonstrate incredible speed and strength in addition to raw magical power. To attract their notice is to invite peril.
How original. Also profiled is the Abomination.
Although most people enter the Fade only as dreamers, leaving with scarce memory of their experience, mages are able to walk the Fade completely aware of their surroundings. Demons are drawn to these mages, and will always attempt to possess a mage upon encountering one. Whether they do so by force or by proposing a deal depends entirely on the strength of the mage. If the demon gets the upper hand, an unholy union known as an abomination results. The creature gains access to the host's innate magical talent and amplifies it, turning even a modest apprentice into a force of destruction. Entire squads of templars have been known to fall at the hands of a single abomination, so the Chantry takes its duty in overseeing magic users very seriously indeed.
And they've also released a trailer about The Fade, and profiled it as well.
For so long as men have dreamed, we have walked the twisting paths of the Fade, sometimes catching a glimpse of the dark city at its heart. Always as close as our own thoughts, but impossibly separated from our world, it is a realm that belongs to the first children of the Maker: the spirits. They watch across the Veil at a world they cannot understand, and those who grow envious of what they see become demons. They lure the sleeping minds of men across the Veil, creating a nightmare version of the world they see in order to feed upon lives they cannot lead. Perhaps it is fortunate that most men do not remember their time in the Fade–while mages bear the eternal curse of being forced to recall. The source of magic, the realm of dreams, the land of the Maker–for all its names, the Fade is first and foremost creation's greatest mystery.
And finally...screenshots of the goods. Gritty and mature indeed.
Spotted at: Gamebanshee

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